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Whether it be a fire lighting tool or a new survival kit we will test, review and let you know what is coming into stock

The Latest Prototype

Grizzly Brown

Grizzly Black

Grizzly & Boar

Grizzly Sheath

We have a new prototype on test at the moment and I must say that I am very impressed. It is a hybrid of a Bushcraft Knife and a full blown Survival knife and it has been performing faultlessly.

It is made from 6mm (1/4″) thick High Carbon Tool Steel and there will likely be two different blade variants, one as a simple satin finish and the other with a black traction coating. The blades will naturally have a full Scandi Grind making them super easy to maintain and sharpen. There is also a small depression/cut out on the back of the blade that is designed to make striking a fire steel easier.

They are handled with removable Micarta Scales that a very ergonomically shaped to make them super comfortable for prolonged use. Many Survival type knives like ESEE simply make them from slab sided Micarta.

The knife is essentially the same design as the very successful Boar Bushcraft Knife but put on a steroid regime as it is 50% thicker, the blade is deeper and the handle is also slightly thicker.

We haven’t made any final decisions on the sheath yet but the most likely combination will have a Kydex sheath as standard with the ability to upgrade to have an additional, fully ambidextrous, US made cordura product that has an additional fire kit packed in the front pouch.

I welcome any feedback you may have as we haven’t gone into full production yet, we are simply testing and tweeking at the moment. The main design is very unlikely to change as it has been performing so well, even in chopping tests!

***One thing I would like to add is concerning the angle of the Scandi grind. The proportion percentages are exactly the same as The Boar. What I mean by that is that it is made of 50% thicker steel and the grind has been increased to make it 50% deeper. It may not show up well in the images but you are talking millimetres and with the Prototype being a much deeper blade it is quite deceptive in the picture.***

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Paracord Bracelets

Paracord Bracelets have been popular for a number of years – funnily enough ever since we were the first to be selling them in the UK, and no, I am not joking or bragging there is a reason – we are the biggest importer and supplier of  GSA Complaint Paracord and accessories in Europe!

The latest evolution of this trend is to make them even more useful by adding products to them, this way you don’t only have a length of cord with you, you also have a secondary product as well.

My current favourite in the “Firesteel Survival Bracelet” as, with the addition of one of our own EDC Boar knives, you have the perfect tools for every day survival. I believe that a good cutting tool, some cordage and the ability to start fire are the 3 most important things you can carry about your person on an every day basis and this makes the perfect combination.

Firesteel Bracelet                    The Boar "EDC" Pocket Knife

The Firesteel Bracelet has a Ferrocium Rod toggle and a washer type fastener to use as a scraper and it really does work. It is by far the most useful one on the market at the moment.

The second bracelet that is a real innovation which is also incredibly handy it the “Parasaw” from CRKT. It is again a stitched bracelet with a useful length of paracord but this one has a commando wire saw sealed inside it. It is the perfect EDC Tool for carrying every day as an axe or machete is simply not practical and this is more than one tool, it doubles well as a snare for trapping and with the addition of the 7 strand core paracord makes a truly useful tool to carry on your wrist.

Parasaw Olive


There is a raft of other products on the market with a whole host of makers Worldwide (we supply most of the European makers with cord!). There are various patterns of knotting and various accessories built in like compasses, fishing kits, additional fire making products and a whole host of weird and wonderful things but we honestly believe that the Firesteel bracelet and the Parasaw and the most useful thing you can combine with an EDC knife and carry about your person on a daily basis.


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