A Revelation in Stainless Steel

A couple of years ago the really “in” thing was to have a titanium product for your cooking, it was a natural thing as Titanium is so lightweight and super strong. Now there seems to be a great resurgence of Stainless Steel products and they are coming from the USA.

The two products that are outselling every other stove at the moment is the “Folding Firebox” and the “Pathfinder” kit. They are both high quality and super strong and allow plenty of adaptability.

The Folding Firebox is a wonderfully engineered piece of kit that is ready to cook on in less than a minute as it simply folds into position in no time at all. This, we have found, is FAR better than products like the Honey Stove as it is not some big 3 dimensional jigsaw that you have to muck about with when you want to get a brew on! Please don’t take my word for it as it has been a general opinion with our customers – we even had a customer in the shop who willingly abandoned his Honey Stove on the counter when he got his hands on a Folding Firebox!!!

Firebox 1 - edit

The Folding Firebox also has a raft of accessories to make a great universal product for the field.

The other great product that has been very well received is “The Pathfinder Schools Canteen Set”, It is a complete set including a Water Bottle, Mug and Cooker unit very much like the British Crusader system but the main difference is the Pathfinder set has a Stainless Steel bottle with a fully removable lid so you can use it to directly cook over a fire. This makes it great for sterilising water and we are selling it with a pouch that has enough space to put some other handy products in – Spork, Fuel, Puritabs etc.

Check them out in Store today!

Canteen set 1

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The Boar is no Porky Pig

The TBS Boar Knives have now been with us for 3 months in one guise or another and we are VERY happy chaps. The last model finally came into stock last week and they have been flying off the shelves, so much so that the initial delivery is nearly sold out – Don’t panic though there is an even larger delivery on their way! I am sure everyone who has bought a TBS product will be happy as we have deliberately used top quality European materials and a top quality European manufacturer and they have surpassed themselves. The fit, finish and workmanship has been very good and we have been using a range of Boars for all sorts of tasks and they have stood up impeccably.

I am very proud of the range and think it represents the perfect balance between quality and value for money. Remember if this had Mr Grylls’ face on it, it would probably be double the price as you would being paying a big royalty on every one sold. There is no celebrity endorsement and simply no middle men, I designed the range and have it manufactured from top quality materials, there is TBS and the manufacturer – it really is that simple.

Interestingly the only question or query I have had about the Boar range is that I have been asked by a couple of people – why we didn’t have a thumb stud or thumb nail slot on the EDC? – It is a 2 part answer really, the first part being pretty simple, I simply didn’t think it needed one. The other reason, and this is for some of our European friends, was that in some Countries in the World an “EDC” knife must be a “two handed action” to be a legal carry. This simply means that if you put a thumb stud on it so you can operate it one handed you can’t carry it.

If you are a fan of quality merchandise you will likely be a fan of what is it follow. We will be producing some other products in the future, I am not sure when and please don’t quote me but they are likely be:

  • Boar blade blanks so all you makers out there will be able to handle your own.
  • Make your own kits for the fixed blade variant
  • A range of sheaths that will compliment and add to the great range at the moment.
  • We have a big tool on the drawing board (I know, stop giggling). This is likely to be a “Golok” style of product and again will be unique to the market.
  • I quite fancy having a “skeletonised” knife made that has a paracord wrap.

One thing I am always interested in is peoples thoughts and ideas for products. I am sure everyone has thought at some point about a piece of kit that – “It’s good but it would be better if it was like this or that”. Remember everyone is different and everyone has a different opinion so have a think and let me know your ideas – you never know it might just get made!!! – Of course full credit would go to the designer.

The Boar Folding Lock KnifeThe Boar "EDC" Pocket Knife

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