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What’s your “EDC” Gear?

EDC Gear

We all carry various items in our pockets and key chains and I am always interested to see what peoples ideas are on EDC gear and what you find really useful. I have given an example in the picture above of just the sort of thing I am talking about. My typical EDC is:

  1. A TBS Boar EDC Pocket Knife – Of course!!
  2. A good quality watch – in this case with a very comfortable wide leather strap and nDur watchband compass
  3. A 550 Paracord Bracelet with Ferrocium Rod Toggle and washer/striker
  4. A Phone in an Otterbox Case
  5. A wallet with all the normal gubbins plus a Fresnel Lense and an ESEE Survival Card
  6. The Key Ring consists of a Tac Link Karabiner
  7. An Exotac Nano Striker
  8. A Swiss Tech Utili-Key
  9. A “Nitestick” – to illuminate them if & when you drop them.
  10. A Schrade Titanium Pry Tool
  11. An Uncle Bills Silver Gripper Key Chain Trio which consists of a set of tweezers, a can opener and a torch
  12. A Tops Dog Tag Signal Mirror
  13. House/Car Keys – Obviously!

I feel it is a good array of gear and everything has proved its worth over the years. The things that essentially never leave me are the TBS Boar knife, the Paracord Bracelet, the watch & phone. I think they represent a good selection of tools that would prove invaluable in an emergency but if you stick to, what I feel, are the hardest things to go without in an emergency they would be:

  • A good cutting tool
  • Some cordage
  • Help in starting a fire (firesteel)

Obviously in a real emergency the phone only comes into its own if you have a signal so it renders it a fairly useless object but the watch is certainly a more important thing simply for keeping track of time and being a good aid to navigation

What is in your EDC???

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