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1700 Tinder Box Flint & Steel Firelighting Kit


Flint and Steel strikers are the "old fashion" way of starting fires. Long before the Hudson Bay Company Era, this item was one of man's most valued possessions. They have been used since man first learned to forge steel and are still used Worldwide.

These kits are manufactured by TDC Manufacturing in the USA and are top quality products. They are made to traditional specifications from historical records and like so much mack then they are built to last.

When the flint is struck against the steel (or the steel against the flint) in a downward quick motion, a spark is produced. The char cloth is used to capture the spark and you want the spark to fall onto the char cloth. The charred cloth is extremely combustible and all it takes is one spark to land on this cloth and it starts glowing like the cherry on a cigarette. As you blow on the lit char cloth it starts to burn rapidly producing tremendous heat. The tinder (tow hemp) should be shredded up and unraveled and formed into a nest. Once your char cloth catches a spark.... you lay the char cloth in the nest (which should have your kindling wood underneath and on top of the nest). Blow some oxygen rapidly across the char cloth and it will combust producing a fire!!
The flint and steel striker is an old and treasured method of making a fire and as our favorite saying goes – “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, well this has never needed fixing!
Kit includes 1700 Brass Tinder Box, 1 steel striker, 1 piece of flint, lots of char cloth and jute for making a nesting tinder bundle.
You get everything here to start a fire the old fashion way. All you have to add is some kindling which you can find in the field.
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