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5.11 Push Pack Go Bag - One of the ultimate survival kits from The Survival Store

RRP: £250.00
OUR PRICE: £219.95
Product Description

The Go Bag range from The Survival Store are an absolute winner. You get premium quality kit that all packs down into the fantastic range of Maxpedition Versipacks or 5.11 Push Packs.

This is the 5.11 Push Pack Variant that is the perfect grab bag for the worst case scenario. Ideal for the boot of your car or add it to a rucksack with a shelter and sleeping bag you are good to go.

You get:

  • A 5.11 Push Pack - This an ideal starting point, plenty of storage space and compartments galore.
  • A GSI DukJug - a high quality polycarbonate drinks bottle
  • A Stainless Steel Crusader Mug - Perfect for collecting water, boiling, cooking etc.
  • Crusader Cooking Unit - a perfect addition for when a fire isn't appropriate
  • A Crusader Lid - Reduces boiling time
  • A Crusader Cup Hanger - Ideal for hanging your Crusader mug over a fire.
  • Solid Fuel - Hexamine or something similar
  • An Ultimate Survival Strike Force FiresteelUST make some the best quality gear in the World and have proved to be tough and versatile. They now have US Military Contracts.
  • Ultimate Survival Wet Fire Tindera great addition to any firelighting kit, this really does float on water alight! 
  • A TBS Lynx Knife OR a TBS Boar Knife in Natural Micarta OR an 860 MG Mora Clipper - All great all rounders that are wickedly sharp right from the off.
  • Light stick x 2
  • A Warrior Chain Saw - A heavier duty survival saw that will go through practically anything.
  • A  Fishing KitA top quality kit that contains all sorts of quality products from very realistic lures to weight & floats.
  • Foil blanket
  • A Silva Watchband CompassAlways useful but not really for navigation as the general rule it is better to stay put, but useful for mapping your surrounding area.
  • 50ft of US 550 Paracord (the real stuff) - None of your Mickey Mouse nonsense this is the genuine gear straight from the USA and a real bonus for strong shelter making.
  • An Arkansas Wetstone - perfect for scandi ground blades like the Mora range
  • An Ultimate Survival Jet Scream WhistleInternational signal for distress is long loud whistle blasts.
  • A UST StarFlash Signal MirrorA heliograph is a piece of kit that is seriously under estimated. You can be seen for miles in the right circumstances and this is an invaluable addition. 
  • Tin OpenerSounds like a daft one doesn't it but imagine coming across a hunting cabin in the back of beyond and there is no can opener!! They are so light it's a no brainer.
  • A Water Purification StrawClean water is essential and this will allow you time to drink prior to purify larger quantities by boiling.
  • US Issue Water Purification powder - This the top product on the market, Chlorofloc powder will even separate the silt in foul water giving you clean and fresh water.
  • A K1 Torch or equivalentSmall, well built and bright, everything you need from a torch.
  • Waterproof matchboxFill it with strike anywhere matches and you will have no trouble firelighting. Has a built in flint striker in the base for additional firelighting ability. 
  • A set of ESEE Survival Cards - These are a great addition to anyone kit. They give you all sorts of important, valuable information.
  • Care Plus Hand gel - Not only is this stuff great for hygiene it is highly flammable making a great firelighting aid.

The colour selection of products will be selected by us at the time of packing. If there is a particular colour selection you would like simply email us or telephone your request and we will attempt to comply.

We reserve the right to change any product within the kit without prior notice. We will NOT simply change everything for low quality products it will simply allow us to substitute an item if it happens to be out of stock. We will always replace it with the equivalent value or better quality product and not trade it down.

Any additional products seen in any pictures that are not within the list of contents are purely for reference or suggestion of use and are not included with this product.

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