About Us

The Bushcraft Store is an Intergenerational Family Business

We, of course, believe that we are the best in the business but then we would say that everybody does! I think that what separates us from many other businesses out there is that we strongly believe in not only bringing you great quality kit but treating people in a fairer and better way through the entire structure of our business.

Of course you might be able to buy a similar piece of kit cheaper on some big 3rd party seller but ask yourself, "Who's being dumped on in this World to bring it to me cheaper". When we source a piece of kit we strive to make sure that everyone in that supply chain is working in good conditions and is being paid a fair wage, including, of course, our own staff! 
This means we choose to work closely with manufacturers who strive for the same ethic and think progressively, not only about the people that work for them but about their environmental footprint. Of course, no company is perfect but, we all continue to struggle to achieve perfection.

As an example, if you buy a TBS Knife we source all of our materials in Europe and we work with highly experienced European cutlers, in Europe, so you know that the person that actually made it is working in a European quality controlled work environment making a salary that he can actually live on. We work closely with manufacturers and many of which are also Inter generational family businesses that value people. 
When that product is sold by us you will be happy to hear that we have knowledgeable, well-paid staff that work in a pleasant and welcoming environment and the fact that we have had guys working for us for many years reflects that. When they join our team they really do become part of the family (I know, sounds cheesy, but it is true).

We genuinely believe that you can operate a business differently to what has become today's norm and not have a Fat Cat sat at the top coining in as much profit as possible at the cost of just about everyone else in that supply chain. Oh and of course, having a very clever tax accountant that manages to avoid actually contributing to the society they operate in!   

The Bushcraft Store® is a well-established company that deals in a large range of Bushcraft, Survival, Outdoor, Hunting, and Field Sports kit and are continuously sourcing new and innovative products to bring to the UK market.

We are big enough to be able to source just about anything from around the World but small enough to give personal service for all your equipment needs. We have contacts Worldwide so we really can source most things.

We are not just a company that deals on the Internet. We have a large High Street Store, open 6 days a week, that stocks everything you see online.

We do not deal "Out of our back bedroom" as so many seem to do now and we pride ourselves with employing knowledgeable staff that has used and abused all sorts of kit in all manner on environments around the World.

Whether it be at  Altitude in the Andes, Freezing temperatures of a Norwegian Winter or the steaming Jungles of Africa we have visited many, many environments and have too many interests than there is time in the day to pursue and I am certain we will be able to cope with all your needs and source the product you really need.