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Fjallraven Clothing

Fjallraven is kind of a mix between old and new technologies and we have always been very impressed with their clothing. As such we have some products on test that we are also very impressed with.

The only thing that seems to put some people off about Fjallraven is the cost. One thing I can assure you is that the current products we stock (the trousers) are worth every penny; they are that price for a reason – they seem to last forever! I still have the very first pair I bought way back when and they have really been through the wringer, they seem to take everything you throw at them whether it be stalking in bramble rich forest or walking on the high fells they perform.

We have a few top layers on test and we are very happy with a couple of them and are very likely to be bringing them in to stock them when we can secure a good supply.

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