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KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid!

There have been, and will be for eons, arguments about what is the best survival knife you can have.

I am going to add to that with – The best survival knife on the market is the one you have on you at the time you need it!!!!

As such here is some flagrant advertising for you – The BOAR EDC.

The Boar "EDC" Pocket Knife                       EDC Curly

I believe it is the best EDC knife on the market today so, ergo, it makes it the best survival knife on the market today because it will be in your pocket when you need it!! – Hard to argue against???

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  1. I bought one of these knives after a long wait. I was definitely not disappointed, the fit and finish is superb, the satin finish on the blade is crisp and even throughout, the blade is robust and shaving sharp with clean grind lines and a great angle on the scandi. The backspring is a proper man’s backspring, it isn’t opening until you want it to open and it would take quite an effort of negligence to see it closing by accident. The curly birch has been left with a very slightly textured finish which is great for a solid grip and the palm swell is perfectly proportioned and placed for my hand. I’ve given it a thorough workout and it took everything in its stride.
    All in all, this is one of, if not the, most comfortable slippy I’ve ever handled and it looks classy too. Damned good job Bushcraft Store, you’ve got a solid winner here.” – Well done guys and many thanks,

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