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The Laws on Knives

I have been asked recently about the current UK Laws on knives and have also been quite harshly criticised because of the advice we generally give out was “Inconclusive and Vague”!!

It was pointed out to me that some of the advice we were giving was wrong on a technical issue as we stated that an Every Day Carry knife had to be less than 3 inches and folding. The individual stated that an EDC had to also be “Non-Locking” but after I inquired if he had read “The Criminal Justice Act (1988)”¬†the response was an expected – “NO”.

I am sorry to be picky but the act doesn’t actually state whether an EDC knife (penknife), can be locking or non-locking. It is now, generally accepted, that it is safer to carry to a non-locking knife as some Persons in Authority have taken it upon themselves to deem a locking knife as a fixed blade product when it is un-folded. I know, it sounds pedantic, but I do so love a Barrack Room Lawyer who quotes a law to you who hasn’t actually read it!!

I have written the advice that appears on our website after reading a raft of articles on the different Acts of Parliament and, reading as much of actual Acts that it is possible to do so without actually falling asleep!

REMEMBER IN ALL CASES – it is advice and not law and all cases you should seek the knowledge of a Solicitor as they are the true experts in the Laws of our Land.

The Bushcraft Stores Advice 

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  1. this mention of knife law rings a bell. i have read the home office law on knives, im a little vague now though but, edc rules doesnt mention locking or otherwise, however, im sure i read under ‘fixed blade’ being defined as, a knife that has a blade that cannot be folded or locks in a open possition. im going to try looking for the link where i read this.

    • It doesn’t actually mention actions in the original bill but a precedence was set some years later when a trial convicted a young hood rat of carrying a locking bladed knife with a blade of less than 3 inches. This allowed the precedence in law for the Police to arrest people with a locking knife with a blade of less than 3 inches as when the knife locks it becomes a fixed blade knife.
      It is more a product of wider society that we blame certain inanimate objects for allowing a crime to be committed and salve the collective concious that we are doing something about it rather than address the original issue of work shy joblessness and general indiscipline within certain households.
      Sorry, I will get off my soapbox now and publish my manifesto in due course!!

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