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What’s your “EDC” Gear?

EDC Gear

We all carry various items in our pockets and key chains and I am always interested to see what peoples ideas are on EDC gear and what you find really useful. I have given an example in the picture above of just the sort of thing I am talking about. My typical EDC is:

  1. A TBS Boar EDC Pocket Knife – Of course!!
  2. A good quality watch – in this case with a very comfortable wide leather strap and nDur watchband compass
  3. A 550 Paracord Bracelet with Ferrocium Rod Toggle and washer/striker
  4. A Phone in an Otterbox Case
  5. A wallet with all the normal gubbins plus a Fresnel Lense and an ESEE Survival Card
  6. The Key Ring consists of a Tac Link Karabiner
  7. An Exotac Nano Striker
  8. A Swiss Tech Utili-Key
  9. A “Nitestick” – to illuminate them if & when you drop them.
  10. A Schrade Titanium Pry Tool
  11. An Uncle Bills Silver Gripper Key Chain Trio which consists of a set of tweezers, a can opener and a torch
  12. A Tops Dog Tag Signal Mirror
  13. House/Car Keys – Obviously!

I feel it is a good array of gear and everything has proved its worth over the years. The things that essentially never leave me are the TBS Boar knife, the Paracord Bracelet, the watch & phone. I think they represent a good selection of tools that would prove invaluable in an emergency but if you stick to, what I feel, are the hardest things to go without in an emergency they would be:

  • A good cutting tool
  • Some cordage
  • Help in starting a fire (firesteel)

Obviously in a real emergency the phone only comes into its own if you have a signal so it renders it a fairly useless object but the watch is certainly a more important thing simply for keeping track of time and being a good aid to navigation

What is in your EDC???

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  1. hmmm nice set up!

    My usual core carry is spit between my phone, wallet, and keys, I do have ‘manbag’ for other items like a Nintendo DS and a bottle of water.

    The wallet that I carry is a 4HAZARD Badger, containing a Fisher Space Pen and Spyderco Pingo, or Squeak depending on rotation (whichever is sharpened last lol)

    my keychain is pretty simple, other than keys ut has a novelty purple moose bottle opener, a ‘cash stash’ capsule with a spare £10 inside, a Fenix EO1 torch, a shopping trolley token, a battered Inka pen, a small ferro rod, a Leatherman PS4, and a big chunky ropework keyfob for those moments when you have to hold your keys in your teeth but don’t want to bit down onto a mouth full of metal :)last but not least is a tiny little tritium capsule so i can find them in the dark

    My phone is a Galaxy S2- I keep a couple of spare batteries for this in my ‘man bag’ along with earphones ect

  2. i carry small pocket knife , first aid kit in vehicle , i phone for nav .and in winter all vehicles ( my own being land rovers ) recovery straps and waffle boards and kelly kettle with brew kit

  3. smokeycanopy

    Great kit , I carry a small victorinox knife a firesteel a small lighter which has duck tape wrapped around it, also a small mag lite which is all on a key fob which has a paracord lanyard on it. Also a paracord bracelet. and a parracord watch strap, also in my bag i have a 1 litre metal water bottle a bigger uk legal folding knife and a spare jacket and fleece. 🙂

  4. My EDC gear is pretty similar to those listed here, however one extra item I have is one of those leather belts with a hidden pocket along the whole length for stashing cash when you are traveling. In it I have a few hundred Euros, a few hundred US$ and a micro SD card wrapped in plastic and (hopefully?) waterproofed. On the memory card are scans of all my ID documents, credit cards, driving license and so on. Probably won’t help in a total SHTF scenario but it will definitely help if your gear gets stolen.

    • Sounds like a good idea when on the road, I have always thought that the most important things whilst away from home would be your money and documents as you can jump on just about any transport means and get you safely home.

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