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Care Plus Impregnated Wedge Shaped Mosquito Net - Ideal for Camping & the Outdoors


This Wedge shape is a perfect one man Mosquito Net for camping and outdoor use and is impregnated with a Duralin coating for maximum protection. It is ideal for travelling and home use and is easily suspended from a tent roof or any room you may be staying in.

  • Easy to suspend
  • Built-in, flexible ring at the top
  • Dimensions 2.05x 1.25 x 2.45 m
  • Long lasting Impregnation
  • Lightweight (275 grams)
  • Mesh 365 (1,5 x 1,5 mm)
  • With compression bag

Why use an impregnated net? 
An impregnated with insect repellent mosquito net offers better protection from biting insects. The insects can not penetrate the network through small openings in the net and the insect can not get to them. An impregnated net recommends the WHO (World Health Organisation) for stays in malarial regions in Asia, Africa and Central and South America. 

DAWA What is technology? 
The Durallin ® coating is shown in the latest impregnation technology. This was originally commissioned by the WHO (World Health Organization) developed to improve the impregnation of mosquito nets. The effectiveness of Durallin ® impregnation of mosquito nets, which are used for example in the context of malaria projects keeps longer. Thanks to the Durallin ® technology, the mosquito net can be washed several times without making it lost its effectiveness. 

How long does the Durallin ® coating? 
A normal-impregnated mosquito net has continuously give optimal effectiveness of about half a year. This life is others, the action of sunlight, moisture and wear from packing and unpacking from below. The effectiveness of the impregnated Durallin ® technology to network up to five times longer than conventional impregnation. The network can be washed up to 20 times. 

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