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Folding Firebox Campfire Stove (Gen 2) - Brilliant camping wood stove - Loads of options available!

Folding Firebox Campfire Stove (Gen 2) - Brilliant camping wood stove - Loads of options available!
Folding Firebox Campfire Stove (Gen 2) - Brilliant camping wood stove - Loads of options available!
Folding Firebox Campfire Stove (Gen 2) - Brilliant camping wood stove - Loads of options available!
Folding Firebox Campfire Stove (Gen 2) - Brilliant camping wood stove - Loads of options available!
Folding Firebox Campfire Stove (Gen 2) - Brilliant camping wood stove - Loads of options available!
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The Firebox Campfire Stove is a really well engineered and constructed product. It is just the sort of thing that we really like at The Bushcraft Store; a quality, long lasting product that is a real bonus in the field.

It is extremely portable and is made from high grade stainless steel so you know it will last. The mechanism for folding and unfolding is very well thought out and designed and the big bonus is that there is no faffing about with dozens of pieces and putting together some 3 dimensional jigsaw; you simply remove the firesticks take of the ashpan and it all un-folds and the fireplate folds down into position - dead simple! 

The most versatile, portable, and easy to use campfire/cooking stove on the market today as you can use practically any fuel around. When you are not using wood and want to use a hexamine type fuel the ash pan fits inside to make a perfect burner tray for solid fuels (see pictures) or shelf for a burner unit. The FIREBOX is small, fast, and leaves no trace and has the added bonus that you don't have to carry any fuel with you. Scout troops love 'um and food preppers covet them.

This camp/emergency stove is a multi-tool for fire. It is a variable output fire stove, a leave no trace campfire or a super efficient cook stove. The fuel is all around you or configure to use Fuel Disks, fuel tablets, gel canisters, meths burners or any alcohol stove. Great for emergency preparedness, camping, and backyard fun. Use almost anywhere! its fire making made easy yet folds flat about 3/8" thick.

The Firebox makes building a fire safe and effective for all types of cooking. You can use the Firebox with any type of fuel source, be it wood kindling or fuel. No matter the size of your pot or pan, you will be able to prepare food quickly because the Firebox’s height is completely adjustable. The Firebox features an ash pan and wind damper to endure that your fire doesn't spread or go out unexpectedly.

There are a few options you can upgrade your kit with, the firebox comes in a cotton bag but you can upgrade it to a cordura bag or a TBS Canvas Bag. 

The upgrade kit contains the Grill Plate, Boil Plate and Cordura Bag. The Grill Plate attaches to the top of the Firebox creating a great grilling surface for outdoor cooking for anything you would want to roast over the hot coals of a campfire. Use charcoal briquettes as your heat source for extended use or slow roasting meats.

The Boil Plate which also clips securely onto the top of the Folding Firebox camping stove, converting the Firebox into a extremely efficient boiling system to be used with the Cup Charger, a stainless steel water bottle, or any of the stainless steel or titanium space saver cups that fit over the end of a TBS or Nalgene type water bottle. The Boil Plate boxes in the burn chamber on three sides to concentrate heat around the cooking vessel, allowing you to boil or cook with a very small fire using very little fuel.

The Deluxe version is simply the best and most economical way to buy your Firebox Stove as you just get everything!

The Mark II version differs slightly from the Mark I in so much as it now has feed holes on the sides to provide fuel to the fire without having to remove your cooking pot and it now has the ability of carrying 4 firesticks. 

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simon westlake  /  Essex

This really is as good as it says have used with wood, coal & gel although will need something to contain liquid fuel ( I use tinfoil) can only cook small amount on grill great for boiling and takes up no space excellent for back up or when space is limited only downside it's deceptively heavy

Stephen Tomlinson  /  Warrington

A must have piece of kit for anyone into outdoor cooking.

I resisted a metal wood stove for years, but decided, after much research to get this one. And I haven't regretted it! It's brilliant to use. It's not like one of those stoves that are like a small Meccano set! If your hands are cold and wet thee are no fiddly bits, no joints to connect. You just unfold it, fold down the floor pan and it's ready to go. It is on the heavy side. Around 3 Lbs in weight, but it is solid. There are lots of uses. It's great where an open fire isn't allowed. I've even used it as a heating unit under a tarp. It works as a wood stove, with a Trangia Spirit Burner, or with the Trangia Gas Burner. Personally, I wouldn't bother with all the extra attachments. With four of the Firebox Sticks you can adapt and cook virtually anything you might use the attachments for, without the extra weigh and faffing around. If the weight does put you off, I'd highly recommend the "Nano" version.

Naz  /  East Yorkshire

Lovely, high quality kit.

To be honest, I haven't actually used it but wanted to review whilst link active. Having researched quite a bit, the quality and weight of this product is in no doubt. I'm not an expert on these type of stove in any case, so would take me a while to comment on it's efficiency, but for quality of metal and engineering it certainly is impressive. The vendor, The Bushcraft Store, were excellent with decent packaging and delivery. At this point very happy and look forward to learning how utilise properly.

Branislav Trnkócy  /  Litobratřice, Czech Republic

top product, there is no substitute. Little problem, the packaging was intact, but the ashtray was a little deformed. I fixed it with pliers

the product is massive, cleverly designed, very useful. There is no other manufacturer of this device in the world