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Helikon Forester Bushcraft Belt

Helikon Forester Bushcraft Belt
Helikon Forester Bushcraft Belt
Helikon Forester Bushcraft Belt
Helikon Forester Bushcraft Belt
Helikon Forester Bushcraft Belt
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The Helikon Forester Bushcraft Belt is an excellent alternative to a leather product and is a super useful way to carry your easy to access tools,

It is one belt to gather them all, the Forester Belt is designed for comfortably carrying bushcraft items in the woods. It features a special mounting system on the belt loops that keeps everything in check.  It complements the Helikon-Tex offer of carrying systems designed for bushcraft as it also allows the attachment of super useful pouches.

The Forester Bushcraft Belt has one thing in common with the tactical belts: it can be worn on the outer layer of clothes, and it’ll easily substitute typical outdoor bags or small backpacks. The Forester Bushcraft Belt nicely works with the SERE Pouch, Water Canteen Pouch, Compass/Survival Pouch, or a Survival Water Filter Bag. It will also work with just about any other pouch with a belt loop making it really versatile.

Together it will make a comfortable setting for bushcraft enthusiasts.  A belt with a turbulent history  The origin of the Forester Bushcraft Belt dates back to the 1950s and the military conflict in Malaya. At that time, the SAS soldiers used nylon straps with clamps as tactical belts, which were obtained from straps securing loads dropped by parachutes. Over time, most British special units (SAS, SBS), marines, and paratroopers began to use the same solutions. The belt with a roll pin buckle was much better than the other options. It had a simple adjustment and adapted to the user's body.  More complicated was the Vietnam War STABO evacuation harness and its predecessor, the McGuire harness. It consisted of suspenders with a belt sewn from nylon parachute straps with clamping buckles similar to the British ones. Equipment elements were attached to the belt: ammunition pouches, canteens with water, grenades, etc. 

  • Unique mounting system preventing attached equipment from moving,
  • Two D-Rings for additional items,
  • Compatible with the MOLLE/PALS system.
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Andrew Prett-Pearson  /  Kent


I bought this for work for all my equipment carry while inspection London Underground stations and it surpasses my exceptions and is a superb piece of kit. Highly recommended

Antonino Carrara-Russo  /  Derbyshire

Cracking kit belt

I was looking for a belt like we had during my time in the military, this one is brilliant, nylon rigging belt with padded back. The belt is secured with a steel roll buckle, the entire system is easy to put together as most of the helikon pouches have a similar attachment system to the issued ones.

Great piece of kit overall with endless customisation choices