Knife Sales

We sell a large range of high quality products from many different Countries around the World and we try to tailor our products to focus on quality. As such, the vast majority of the products we sell are manufactured in Europe and the United States and the companies we stock use materials sourced from Europe, the USA or Japan.

We have a robust Age Restricted Goods sales policy to ensure that we are only supplying customers that are over 18 in the UK and we will make every attempt to confirm your age. When you place an order with The Bushcraft Store you will need to verify your age which we can do using various methods.

When a sale takes place we will seek to verify your age by checking the UK Register of Electors, if we are unsuccessful at this we will then
 need to see a copy of a Government issued document. A passport or drivers license is the preferred method of age confirmation. When prompted, after your purchase, you can simply send a PDF copy or photograph of the requested document. Once we have sought this ID once we will not need to seek it again as you will be registered on our system as having been checked. 

Once the sale has been cleared we will then dispatch the item with a recorded service and that delivery will need to be signed for by someone over the age of 18. The delivery driver will be required to check your ID to verify your age and note it on the paperwork. As of the 6th of April 2022 this will be a requirement in Law and, as such, there is an additional charge for this service. This will be charged through checkout and added to your order.

I would like to assure you that we never share data with any other company. There is a certain amount of data that we are required to store by law concerning age restricted sales and anything considered sensitive is stored on an encrypted hard drive, kept in a locked secure location and not connected to a network or Internet service. We do not ever have access to your payment details, we simply get informed by the payment processing companies whether a payment has cleared or not. In all cases we take our responsibilities very seriously and respect the fact that you have graced us with your custom and trust. 

We are a responsible retailer and strive to abide with the Police's and the Home Office's best retailer practises and advice in an attempt to assist in the prevention of knife crime.

In all cases  I am afraid a self age declaration is simply not good enough and any retailer that relies on such checks are in breach of the law and are liable to prosecution.

Any questions or queries regarding our knife sales policies should be directed to

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

Knife Law Advice

We would like to try to clear a few things up about knife law in the UK as there still seems to be a lot of confusion out there. We are not professing to be any form of experts on the subject but we hope the information given on this page will help act as a useful guide.

Please note that this information is supplied for your information only and in all cases it is up to you to make up your own mind. You need to also take into account the changing face of Devolution in Britain and the laws may change depending on where you are in the UK. 

We are NOT Solicitors or Law Makers, so please follow the links at the bottom for more official information, or speak to a solicitor for legal advice. This information should not be relied upon in a court of law and you should always consult a Solicitor on legal matters, they are the experts in the Law and will be able to give you the best all round advice. Remember even if you believe yourself to be completely innocent of any crime you should, in all cases, consult a Solicitor.

We have some pretty sensible knife laws in the UK that allow you to use a knife for it’s intended purpose – REMEMBER it is a tool for doing a job and it has, and always will be an offense to use it as a weapon.
The law is quite clear but can be a little vague in places, whether this is intentional I am unsure but it is likely that it is to allow a sensible Policeman to use his discretion as there are no “Black and White” cases when it comes to the law.

The Criminal Justice Act (1988) says that you may carry a knife with a blade length of 3.0" or less so long as it is capable of folding and does not lock -  so no fixed blade knives as an EDC. This is for your “Every Day Carry” (commonly referred to as an EDC) or Pocket/Pen knife.
Remember, be sensible - There are exceptions to the EDC laws and you should fully research what they are but a knife has no place at a football match, in a pub, nightclub or school. This is not an exhaustive list and there are other areas of our lives that you shouldn't carry.

If you wish or need to carry a larger knife then you really need to have “Reasonable Cause”. That means that you must be able to prove that you had a genuine reason for carrying the knife. A “Reasonable Cause” can constitute a whole host of scenarios such as:

These should all constitute a “Reasonable Cause” and you should not have any issues or dilemmas with the law - BUT don't forget it is there! If you stop off anywhere on your way home take the knife off of your belt and put it in the boot of your car. If on foot, be sensible, take it off your belt and put it at the bottom of your rucksack. These actions will demonstrate that you have made the tool as inaccessible as possible and not available in “The Heat of the Moment”. Ignorance is not a defence in law and you cannot simply say "I forgot".
REMEMBER – Do not give the Police a hard time, just follow instructions and if you feel you are correct in your actions seek advice from a Solicitor after the fact to argue your case. DO NOT stand there and argue with the Police as you will not win or convince them they are wrong.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE ACT 1988 - Section XI "Miscellaneous" - Subsection 139 - 142 - "Articles with Blades or Points and Offensive Weapons