Knife Sales

We sell a large range of high quality products from many different Countries around the World and we try to tailor our products to focus on quality. As such, the vast majority of the products we sell are manufactured in Europe and the United States and the companies we stock use materials sourced from Europe, the USA or Japan.

We have a robust Age Restricted Goods sales policy to ensure that we are only supplying customers that are over 18 in the UK and we will make every attempt to confirm your age. When you place an order with The Bushcraft Store you will need to verify your age which we can do using various methods.

Our first method of checking will be to check the electoral role, if you are registered to vote the electoral role will confirm your age and your order can be shipped with no further checks.

If we cannot find you on the electoral role we will seek to verify your age by needing to see a copy of a Government issued document. A passport or drivers license is the preferred method of age confirmation. When prompted, after your purchase, you can simply send a PDF copy or photograph of the requested document. 

I would like to assure you that we never share data with any other company. There is a certain amount of data that we are required to store by law concerning age restricted sales and anything considered sensitive is stored on an encrypted hard drive, kept in a locked secure location and not connected to a network or Internet service. We do not ever have access to your payment details, we simply get informed by the payment processing companies whether a payment has cleared or not. In all cases we take our responsibilities very seriously and respect the fact that you have graced us with your custom and trust. 

We are a responsible retailer and strive to abide with the Police's and the Home Office's best retailer practises and advice in an attempt to assist in the prevention of knife crime.

Once you have made your first purchase, and the relevant checks have been carried out, there will be no further need to check any future purchases you make with us as all necessary checks will have already been carried out. In all cases  I am afraid a self age declaration is simply not good enough and any retailer that relies on such checks are in breach of the law and are liable to prosecution.

Any questions or queries regarding our knife sales policies should be directed to

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.