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Knot Cards Rope Tying Kit by Pro Knot

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This is a great idea and perfect for anyone to practice their knot tying or a perfect teaching tool for your youngsters. The kit consists of the Pro Knot Knot Cards, a carabiner and two different coloured lengths of cord. If you've ever tried to teach someone to tie a knot, honestly, get two different colours of cord as we are visual animals and seeing the path a cord takes make it sooo much easier. 
These knot cards are a great reference pack to carry with you all the time. They are credit card sized, plastic and rivetted together so they are waterproof and easy to carry.   

The waterproof plastic cards mean you can take this little reference (just 2 1/4 x 3 1/2) with you hiking, camping, boating, etc. and not worry about it getting wet!

The six cards are attached together in corner with a brass grommet. Now with 20 useful knots to cover most any rope tying situation: Bowline, Square Knot, Water Knot, Rolling Hitch, Sheet Bend (doubled version, too), Trucker’s Hitch, Mooring Hitch, Tautline Hitch, Clove Hitch, Constrictor Knot, Buntline Hitch, Double Fisherman’s, Figure Eight Follow Through, Prusik Hitch, Sheep Shank, Timber Hitch, Cleat Hitch, Half Hitch, Butterfly Knot and the Bowline on a Bight.

A set of these PRO-KNOT cards belong in your backpack, on your boat and in the glove box of everyone’s car or truck!
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