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Materials & Construction of TBS Knives

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Materials & Construction of TBS Knives
Materials & Construction of TBS Knives
Materials & Construction of TBS Knives
Materials & Construction of TBS Knives
Materials & Construction of TBS Knives
Product Description
TBS Knives have been a phenomenal success and since the very first model produced each product has just added more versatility to the range. TBS now produces 5 different models in 2 different steels, 5 different handle variants and 10 different sheath and belt pouch combinations there is most definitely something for everyone.  

I have been very selective with the TBS range of knives. In designing I started in the obvious place - what I liked. Each knife starts with a simple drawing. This is then converted to a CAD diagram and from there, once materials are selected we move onto to prototyping.

The prototyping stage is essential simply because it allows me to use, test and, if necessary make any required changes. Once this process is complete we move to production.

I have chosen top quality materials for all of our models and the steels are all from high quality, European manufacturers. The handle materials follow the same principle - quality, functionality and ease of maintenance. We have not just chosen handle materials because they "look good" as we are not making show ponies, we are making high quality field tools to be used daily. The bonus is that the materials we have chosen look great as well as perform brilliantly.

I started, some time ago, with designing a Bushcraft Knife and we went through many prototypes, and even a couple of production models, to finally arrive at the Boar. When this went into full production I obviously invested in a long term vision of producing an entire range and this is being realised as we now have 6 different models of knife (7 if you count The Raptor), with over 150 variations depending on handle, accessory and sheath variants.

We will continue to develop, improve and prototype far into the future and testing continues to this day. I still have one of the original Boar Knives and it is put to the test all the time. It is used often but, more importantly, it is maintained by cleaning, sharpening and oiling and is still shave sharp and going strong.   

The first stage of construction of our knives is about the only part actually done by a machine, the knife blank is cut from a sheet of steel by a machine. From that point on they are ground, beveled, assembled and finished by handful of Master Cutlers and the results speak for themselves! 

I have selected a great choice of Steels for TBS knives. Steel manufacturers continually develop and improve their products over time so I will always be looking at new products and testing new materials. 

TBS Knives are currently produced in 2 different steels and all have been selected for their obvious qualities. You can now either have K-720 Carbon Tool Steel or N695 Stainless Steel.

High Grade Bohler K720 High Carbon Tool steel is one of the toughest steels out there and is used widely to make high precision tools that need to stand up to some serious punishment.

High Grade Bohler N695 Stainless steel which has a high hardness and great wear resistance and is one of Bohlers premium stainless steels. We have decided to make a variant of our knives in this steel as, after quite some testing, we have found that it performs extremely well.  It has a higher Carbon content that many other stainless steels which means it holds an edge longer and can be tempered to the same degree as Carbon Steels. This particular steel actually has a higher content than many High Carbon Tool Steels. This makes it perform with pretty much all the benefits of Carbon Steel with the added bonus of great corrosion resistance.

Steels have been selected specifically for each knife depending on the environment and intended use and each have their obvious merits.

When it came to the non-locking pocket knife version of the Boar, for example, I decided to offer it exclusively in Stainless Steel as, quite simply, it requires less maintenance. This is important for a knife that will be in your pocket the vast majority of the time picking up all sorts "pocket fluff" and salt from perspiration. We also, quite deliberately, did not put a thumb stud but use a thumb nick on the EDC as this makes it a much more user friendly product in many more Countries of the World where, to carry a knife all the time, it needs to be a product that needs to be opened with two hands. Obviously this makes it a much more useful knife for travel but in all cases you should check local laws and by-laws prior to visiting or purchasing in your chosen country. 

All of our handle materials are sourced from quality sustainable sources in Europe, for example the trees being harvested for our Turkish Walnut were planted by the current owners Grandfather and Great Grandfather and are sustainably replanted. "Turkey isn't in Europe!" I hear you say. Well I admit, obviously only some of Turkey is on the European Continent but my point is we are not cutting down vast swathes of Rain Forest to handle our knives in some strange exotic wood.

The obvious next step is a sheath. We are not in the habit of re-designing the wheel here but we have offered some great variations depending on customer requests and have been extremely happy with our designs and products.

I decided from the very start to offer a "naked" sheath with the future option of being able to add useful products like a firesteel and sharpening stone to make a truly versatile series of products for a wider audience. This has spurned many different other products and helped form the basis of TBS Leather. TBS Leather now produces over 20 different sheaths, pouches and accessories for carrying any number of useful tools in the field.  
TBS knives have been extensively tested from production level all the way to the field, we all actively use TBS Knives on a daily basis (well why wouldn't we?!!). When they are made they are subject to impact testing using facilities that are designed to test fracture strain-rates. The test, known as the Charpy impact test, provides a reassuring measure of the toughness and performance our customers have come to expect.

Lifetime Guarantee.

All TBS Knives have a lifetime guarantee that covers all aspects of manufacturing, material and construction. The guarantee does not cover abuse, tampering or neglect. Please note that it is a quality cutting tool and, if maintained, will serve you for many years to come. It is not an axe, hammer, throwing knife, pry bar, screwdriver or anything else a knife was not designed for. 

In all cases look after your kit and your kit will look after you!

Typical Steel Analysis:

K720 Carbon Tool Steel - Carbon 0.90%, Manganese 2.00%, Chromium 0.35%, Silicon 0.25%, Vanadium 0.10%.
N695 Stainless Steel - Carbon 1.05%, Molybdenum 0.50%, Chromium 17.00%, Silicon 0.40%, Manganese 0.40%. (HRC 58)

Customer Reviews

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Joe-Kirkland, Illanois-5 Stars

I just received my order of the curly birch boar knife. Its outstanding, better than expected. I am 100% glad I purchased the boar. It is going to be with me, on all my adventures. Thank you for taking care of us bushcrafters, and thanks to andy for changing my order for me. Fast shipping, well packaged and courteous sales people. I love it. From here in the states, I say God bless Great Britain and The Bushcraft Store. Thanks again. Joe

Craig-Midland Game Fair-5 Stars

Hi Jim, Just a quick word of thanks to yourself and the guys on the stand at Weston park last Saturday, I must apologise for taking up more of your time than I should but you convinced me to take purchase of your TBS Bushcraft knife and I must admit, "what a piece of kit", so much so that I have just ordered another one for my son, once again many thanks for your help and advice.

Alex-Dunfermline-5 Stars

I Bought one of these knives after a long wait. I was definitely not disappointed, the fit and finish is superb, the satin finish on the blade is crisp and even throughout, the blade is robust and shaving sharp with clean grind lines and a great angle on the scandi. The backspring is a proper man's backspring, it isn't opening until you want it to open and it would take quite an effort of negligence to see it closing by accident. The curly birch has been left with a very slightly textured finish which is great for a solid grip and the palm swell is perfectly proportioned and placed for my hand. I've given it a thorough workout and it took everything in its stride. All in all, this is one of, if not the, most comfortable slippy I've ever handled and it looks classy too. Damned good job Bushcraft Store, you've got a solid winner here." Well done guys and many thanks,

Neil-Norfolk-5 Stars

I must tell you how happy I am with my recent purchase, It's your TBS Boar folding every day carry non locking knife. I love everything about it including the birch handle, lanyard hole, width and shape of the blade but I especially like the Scandi grind and the overall quality. It was bought to replace my Joker edc which broke recently but it just doesn't even compare to that knife. Superb!!!

Peter-Bishops Stortford-5 Stars

Top piece of kit, I have bought this knife as a real all rounder. It has a great handle shape and is really comfortable to use; the Scandi grind is REALLY sharp and I have found it easy to maintain. I have also used this knife for small game and, being stainless steel and micarta, it is such a bonus as you just run it under the tap, dry it and not worry about. Top job!

Lee-Herts.-5 Stars

This has just become my favourite knife! I have had it a couple of weeks now and it performs brilliantly, really sharp straight out of the box and the curly birch handle on mine not only looks good it really fits the hand well. The sheath is good as well as I like to carry a knife along my belt instead of the traditional way as I find it doesn't get in the way as much, especially if you are in and out of your 4x4. Well done lads it is a real asset to the stable and I can't wait for the folding variants to arrive - you'd better put me one by!!

Andy Gibson-York-5 Stars

My partner bought me a timber wolf knife a few months ago aside from it being a thing of beauty with its olive wood handle, it's a functional treat!

Glyn Ashton-Holywood, Co Down-5 Stars

So good I bought 2. After quite some deliberation I took the plunge a couple of years back and bought the Boar (fixed blade version) with walnut handle.. Originally I bought the "kit" with dc4 and plastic handle firesteel. Recently I not only purchased the matching walnut firesteel but I bought a Grizzly with Micarta scales and leather sheath. I have several artisan made knives but these are just so good I keep wanting another, a boar folder is next on my hit list.. If you're are thinking about a new knife, do yourself a favour, stop looking and just buy one of these, you won't be disappointed.. Almost forgot, service and advice is second to none.

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