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Mk I TBS Timberwolf Bushcraft Knife - DC4 & Firesteel - Olive Wood

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The TBS Timberwolf Bushcraft Knife is made from Sheffield O1 High Carbon Tool Steel, in Sheffield and with a great range of handle materials. It is made to an impeccable standard by our new maker and we are exceptionally happy with the fit, finish and incredible durability of this knife.      
This is one of a series of knives we have had made simply as we have purchased some interesting materials. They are all pretty unique and part of an ongoing production as and when we find practical, great looking materials to pair with this impeccable blade.

High Grade Sheffield 01 High Carbon Tool steel is one of the toughest steels out there and is used widely to make high precision tools that need to stand up to some serious punishment. O1 tool steel offers good durability, excellent wear resistance and holds a good cutting edge.

The 105mm (4 1/8") blade is 4mm thick at the spine and is a true Scandi grind, is not only super sharp straight out of the box it is easy to maintain. A Scandi grind essentially means that the whole bevel of the knife is the edge (there is no secondary bevel) so when it comes to sharpening life is made very simple. When sharpening you can simply place the entire knife on the stone, roll it up onto the bevel and you will always achieve the correct angle for sharpening; MUCH easier than a knife with a secondary bevel! 

The handle is 120mm (4 3/4") long and fills the hand very nicely and are very ergonomic. There is great choice of handle materials available in store and 

This knife is twinned with one of brilliant TBS Leather Sheaths. They are all made of high grade full grain leather which is the toughest type of leather to use for this sort of application as the top layer of skin is left on. This makes for a stiffer, longer lasting product that will serve you for many years. There is a great choice available with multiple options that you can add. 

For the DC4/CC4 & Firesteel edition we have added a TBS Firesteel and, in most cases we will twin the firesteel with the knife but if this is not possible due to material restrictions we will add a standard firesteel, with the sheath attachment pouch to house the firesteel and the sharpening stone. It also includes the excellent Fallkniven DC4 (Diamond Ceramic) sharpening stone or a Fallkniven CC4 (Ceramic/Ceramic) sharpening stone.

All TBS Knives are made with high quality European materials by highly experienced cutlers and the Timberwolf is no exception.

Main Features:
Typical Steel Analysis:
O1 High Carbon Tool Steel - Carbon 0.95%, Manganese 1.25%, Chromium 0.5%, Tungsten 0.50%, Vanadium 0.20%. (HRC 58)
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