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Mk II TBS Leather Multi Carry Knife Sheath

The Mk II model of the TBS Multi Carry Knife Sheath takes our already great product and just makes it better. We have added some brilliant new features and have made this high quality product simply one of the best on the market today. We have changed the belt loop so that the sheath now hangs lower in the regular configuration and we have switched the velcro straps for double press studs which makes it more secure for carrying in the scout carry configuration. 

The Small size 
was originally designed to fit our TBS Lynx knife but it will fit all sorts of other products. It will fit a knife with up to a 3.25 inch (85mm) blade, 1.15 inch (28mm) blade depth and 3.5 inch (87.5mm) circumference handle.

The regular size is designed to fit our Boar Bushcraft knife but will fit any knife that has similar dimensions. It will fit a knife with up to a 4.5 inch (115mm) blade, 1.20 inch (30mm) blade depth and 4 inch (100mm) circumference handle.

The large size
 is designed to fit our Grizzly Bushcraft knife but will fit any knife that has similar dimensions. It will fit a knife with up to a 5 inch (125mm) blade, 1.5 inch (37mm) blade depth and 4.25 inch (110mm) circumference handle.

As a guide to other products the regular sheath will fit:

The TBS Boar, of course, The Spyderco Bushcraft Knife, Helle Gaupe, Helle Temagami, Helle Fjellkniven, EKA A10, EKA W11 and practically all of the Mora Range. This list is obviously not exhaustive but will act a good size fit guide. The larger model will obviously fit larger knives with a 5 inch blade.

Our sheaths are a high quality leather product that allow you to carry the knife in the regular way or offers the versatility of being able to be carried in a linear fashion along a belt or to be attached to the strap of a bag or even on MOLLE type webbing if need be.

There are a couple of different options for attachments that secure to the front. The first allows you to carry a Firesteel and the second allows you to carry a firesteel and a DC4 stone; this option is also removable to allow you to carry it separately on your belt.

All additional products shown in the pictures are representative of ability and are NOT included in the price.

Our knife range and leather work is manufactured from high quality European materials by a top, well known, European manufacturer in small batches; they are NOT churned out in their thousands in a factory in the Far East. This allows us to have ultimate control over quality and materials and we are extremely happy with the results.
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Jostein Braaten  /  Norway

A very nice sheat that fit many of my knives. Good quality. Fast shipping from England to Norway. I will definitely come back and shop at TBS again. Thanks.

Kisui  /  Wocestershire

I bought the Mora Garberg for general tasks, everything from splitting off cuts of wood to make kindling to lopping off small branches. The Garberg has performed well over the last few weeks without much sign of wear, being a full tang knife it feels sturdy in hand but not heavy so very workable. Personally did not like the "scandi" grind as it is not a true scandi so have re-profiled it to a convex which is much stronger for what I use it for(was a good grind and sharp tho). The dc4 sharpener is great and brings a good edge up when needed, I love the tbs leather sheath, such lovely thick leather that will last years. All in all I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend the Mora Garberg. Also thank you to the bushcraft store for an excellent service will definitely be shopping with you again.

Nige  /  Oxfordshire

First impressions are incredibly good. Thick leather with a pleasing stiffness and heft. Perfectly holds my custom Enzo trapper 95 and has plenty of space for a longer and deeper blade. The stitching is flawless as are the fittings. I was surprised to find velcro on the straps, but its very well done and of the highest quality. I could not be happier.

Roman  /  Switzerland

Excellent product! I liked it so much I just ordered myself another one of these sheaths for another knife. Very nice fit and finish. Could also easily be adapted to a specific knife - but the sheath fits most bushcraft type knives of my collection right away and I think it will fit most „coke bottle style/woodlore style handle-types“ that are out there. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed!