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Mk II TBS Leather Nordic Dangler Type Knife Sheath with Firesteel Attachment - REGULAR

TBS Leatherwork has been extremely popular and, as such, we are making more and more different products. 

I am a great fan of our original TBS Sheath that comes with our fixed blade knife (and so are many of you by the feedback we have had), but, after some requests we decided to put a more Scandinavian type design into production.

This model now differs from the orginal Nordic sheath as the firesteel loop has been moved to be on a separate, removable attachment on the front of the sheath that will also hold a sharpening stone or tinder tin. The attachment can be worn interdependently on your belt as it has its own separate belt loop.

We are very happy with the results and has proven to be a very reliable, well built and sturdy product. It benefits from two different carry options, the first being a normal belt loop, the second being a dangler type loop. The dangler loop is removable, if you so wish

It is both stitched and riveted and has thong tube holes in multiple positions to make it as versatile as possible. This sheath is made to fit the TBS Boar Bushcraft Knife but will happily fit a whole array of different knives, including:
  • The TBS Boar
  • The Mora Range (We haven't tested every single model but everything we have fits it)
  • Almost all the the fixed blade Helle range
  • EKA W12 & T12
  • TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft Knife
  • TOPS Dragonfly
  • Cudeman Bushcraft Forest Knife
  • Bark River Bushcrafter
  • A. Wright Bushcraft Knife
  • Blackjack Companion
  • Spyderco Bushcraft Knife
  • Falkniven F1
  • Condor Bushlore
This list is not exhaustive and meant as a guide as I am sure there is a huge number of knives that will happily fit in this sheath.
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Teodor  /  Havant

I really like very good quality recommend.