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Mk II TBS Timberwolf Bushcraft Knife - DeLuxe Sheath Edition - TW

Mk II TBS Timberwolf Bushcraft Knife - DeLuxe Sheath Edition - TW
Mk II TBS Timberwolf Bushcraft Knife - DeLuxe Sheath Edition - TW
Mk II TBS Timberwolf Bushcraft Knife - DeLuxe Sheath Edition - TW
Mk II TBS Timberwolf Bushcraft Knife - DeLuxe Sheath Edition - TW
Mk II TBS Timberwolf Bushcraft Knife - DeLuxe Sheath Edition - TW
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TBS Timberwolf Bushcraft Knife - Mk II

The all new TBS Timberwolf Bushcraft Knife is the latest evolution in the TBS family and we have taken this knife to another level. We are continually learning and evolving at TBS which is why we believe we are simply the best in the business.

We have striven to bring quality, well designed products to the World market and the Timberwolf is part of that continuing evolution. The Timberwolf is a classic Bushcraft Knife with all the brilliant features of a perfect companion tool.

We have twinned the great Timberwolf with our DeLuxe sheath, your choice of firesteel, and some TBS Quick Fire Tinder making it an Uber premium package that will serve you for years in the great outdoors. 

It features a high quality, scandi ground, Carbon Steel drop point blade that is razor sharp straight out of the box and makes processing wood and doing general cutting tasks effortless. The 115mm length features more pronounced fingerguard, a short Ricasso and a Choil which makes for perfect indexing in almost any grip and enhances your ability to make powerful and controlled cuts. I know that the modern fad is to have a Bushcraft knife with a blade that simply disappears into the handle with no guard, ricasso or choil, well, NOT here. In my opinion knives like this are far easier to cut your index finger when you choke up on the handle making them a danger to you.

The handle is wonderfully ergonomic, just like all of our other models. It features a natural sweep to the back with a god sized palm swell and this makes for a perfect fit to your hand and allows your wrist and shoulder to sit in a more natural position. Straight back handled  knives make you unnaturally straighten your wrist and raise your shoulder when cutting vertically which means you fatigue quicker and are not as comfortable to use.

The Timberwolf features 3 different handle material options, Curly Birch, Turkish Walnut and Black Micarta. All our Timber is sustainably sourced and we love the fact that our wood is coming from trees that were planted by the current owners Parents, Grand Parents and Great Grand Parents. It sits perfectly with our ethos at TBS about treating everyone who works for us and everyone within our supply chain fairly. That includes fair pay, good working environment and doing everything as ecologically minded as we/they can.

Of course, if you select a Timber handle, you will need to maintain them with cleaning and oiling that can be part of the joy of owning a real heritage piece of cutlery that will last generations. We advise oiling with a boiled linseed oil but there are many other oils and waxes out there that will nourish the wood throughout its life and keep it as water resistant as possible and this can be down to your personal preference.

The Timberwolf, of course, features our newest upgraded leatherwork which are a combination of high quality leather with innovative designs. Our modular sheaths have also been phenomenally popular as they offer something different from the norm that everyone churns out. They are all made from high quality Full Grain leather and feature a brilliant array of accessories and carry options so you can really tailor your knife to suit your needs. 

Main Features:

  • K720 High Carbon Tool Steel - 4mm thick at the spine
  • 4.5" (115mm) length blade
  • 4 3/4" (120mm) length handle
  • Super grade Turkish Walnut
  • Premium DeLuxe Multi Carry Sheath
  • TBS Firesteel
  • TBS Quick Fire Tinder
  • TBS Stoat Multi Tool 
  • Lifetime Guarantee against any defect in manufacturing, material and workmanship.
  • More information on the materials and construction (click here)

High Grade Bohler K720 High Carbon Tool steel is a great steel for a bushcraft knife as it  is a dimensionally stable, clean steel that can be sharpened to a very high degree and will hold that edge for a phenomenally long amount of time.

Typical Steel Analysis:
K720 Carbon Tool Steel - Carbon 0.90%, Manganese 2.00%, Chromium 0.35%, Silicon 0.25%, Vanadium 0.10%. (HRC 58)

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Cris  /  Berkshire


Well what can i say ? Actually quite a bit!

Having owned a TBS knife for over a year and really loved it as a brilliant tool that was great quality and versatile why was I buying another one ?

Well it was my 50th and decided that a slightly longer blade would be an ideal addition to the collection. So down to the nitty gritty !

Knife arrives promptly (thanks guys) in a box and I excitedly open it , wow ! The leather work is brilliant as i opted for the deluxe edition (it was my 50th ‘happy birthday to me !) and I’m really glad i did . My old knife sheath is bloody great but this is much better. It just says this is a quality product . Really well made strong bit of kit .

I decided on the one with the live fire pouch and it looks and fits great on the sheath.

So now the knife itself. I went for the wood handle and again I really am very happy with the finish. Feels great in your hand and the contours encourage a firm grip .

Blade was razor sharp (wax sheet wrapped from the box to stop any corrosion) .

Nipped out to the log store and had a little whittle. Brilliant ! Feels great to use and I’m sorry to say my old knife probably isn’t going to see much action for a while .

I haven’t tested the matching wood topped fire stick but as I already have one I can say there a great bit of kit that everyone should have in there arsenal.

So in conclusion top quality well thought out product that will last a lifetime.

Well done .

Tarek Bergmann  /  Glastonbury

Amazing Bushcraft Knife

I ordered this knife from some older YouTube review, and I fell in love with this knife right away. Amazing craftsmanship and beautiful leatherwork. The knife Handel's absolutely well and easy for most Bushcraft tasks. it's a real beast! Perfect kit.