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MkII TBS Wolverine Puukko Bushcraft Knife - TW - Standard Sheath

MkII TBS Wolverine Puukko Bushcraft Knife - TW - Standard Sheath
MkII TBS Wolverine Puukko Bushcraft Knife - TW - Standard Sheath
MkII TBS Wolverine Puukko Bushcraft Knife - TW - Standard Sheath
MkII TBS Wolverine Puukko Bushcraft Knife - TW - Standard Sheath
MkII TBS Wolverine Puukko Bushcraft Knife - TW - Standard Sheath
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The Mark II version of the Wolverine Puukko is slimmer, lighter and, in my opinion, a better, finer cutter.

What are the main differences between the Mark I and the Mark II? Well, they are subtle but important, and I think they improve this knife from brilliant to phenomenal:

  • The shape is slightly different
  • The blade is thinner, 3mm now
  • It features a Sabre Grind (or what I call a High Scandi)
  • It is available in N690co (as before) and now also available K720 High Carbon Tool Steel
  • There is a Choil by the Ricasso
  • The handle is "Pill" shaped making it fill the hand a little better
  • It is now available in a Micarta option as well as the Curly Birch and Turkish Walnut
  • It is now available with more sheath options with accessories utilising our modular Multi Carry Sheath.

The ergonomics, cutting ability, size and materials I am sure will impress you and we are VERY happy with the results.

We have chosen to make the Mark II Wolverine Puukko in two different steels a High Carbon Tool Steel and a High Grade Stainless Steel.

Bohlers phenomenal N690co Stainless Knife Steel. N690co is a Martensitic chromium steel with cobalt, molybdenum and vanadium added especially to make hardened cutting tools with excellent edge-holding properties. It was developed for tools and components which can be hardened to very high hardness levels and great corrosion resistance. When fine ground it produces a wickedly sharp edge and will retain that edge far longer than many other steels available on the market today.

High Grade Bohler K720 High Carbon Tool steel is one of the toughest steels out there and is used widely to make high precision tools that need to stand up to some serious punishment.

The Mark II Wolverine Puukko is a typically Scandinavian style and features a 95mm blade with a High Scandi (or Sabre) grind that is wickedly sharp straight out of the box. It is highly controllable as it has a wonderfully ergonomic full sized handle. I tend to find that when other makers make a blade of this size they end up shortening the handle which then compromises the ability of the tool.

The blade is now 3mm thick at the spine and features a Choil at the Ricasso making a definite stop to the blade. I am really not a fan of knives that have a sharpened edge all the way into the handle, they invariably make it harder to index and you are more likely to cut your forefinger. It also makes sharpening the entire cutting edge easier which is not an option if the blade disappears into the handle.

The new handle shape makes for supreme control with finer cutting as it fills the hand wonderfully well. As you have come to expect from TBS Knives we have chosen some great handle materials that come direct from sustainable sources and direct from Timber Merchants that are multi generational. I know, for example, that they are currently harvesting trees that their Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers have planted. This not only gives us a phenomenal quality of product it sits very well with the our ethos of striving to buy from smaller family businesses that treat people well throughout the supply and manufacturing chain.

Of course The Wolverine Puukko comes with a great range of leatherwork which will give you different accessory and carry options.

Main Features:

  • N690co Stainless Steel - 3mm Thick
  • K720 High Carbon Tool Steel - 3.2mm Thick
  • 3.8" (95mm) length blade
  • 4.8" (120mm) length handle
  • Turkish Walnut, Curly Birch or Black Micarta
  • TBS Leather Sheath
  • Lifetime Guarantee on the knife against any defect in manufacturing, material and workmanship.
  • More information on the materials and construction (click here)

Typical Steel Analysis:

N690co Stainless Steel - Carbon 1.08%, Molybdenum 1.10%, Chromium 17.30%, Silicon 0.40%, Manganese 0.40%, Vanadium 0.10%, Cobalt 1.5%. (HRC 60)

K720 Carbon Tool Steel - Carbon 0.90%, Manganese 2.00%, Chromium 0.35%, Silicon 0.25%, Vanadium 0.10%. (HRC 58)

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Dave Watts  /  England

Superb , I've had it for about a month now and it is everything you could ask for in a knife, I do own the TBS Boar which in itself is a quality knife ,but I do like the size of this knife I find it to perform all bushcraft and camp tasks absolutely brilliant. I chose the option with the sharpening stone and ferro rod plus the dangler sheath, couldn't be happier with my purchase. I have to say its a brilliant steel comes razor sharp and really holds its edge. 10/10

Julian  /  Kent


Fantastic knife and sheath. Firesteel and CC4 on mine. Lovely handle scales super smooth and profiled. Very sharp. Highly recommended.