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NATO Issue Trifold Folding Shovel with cover

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This Tri-Fold folding shovel is not the common or garden rubbish that is all so prevalent today, this is a genuine NATO Military piece of kit.

Many of the fakes out will snap around the rivet points (believe me I have broken a few!) and they only have 3 sub standard rivets. This is a heavy duty steel construction and is nearly twice the weight of most of the fake rubbish out there, you may pay a little bit more postage for it due to the weight but it will be worth it.

We pride ourselves on bringing you the best kit from around the World and even a folding shovel is not an exception, we haven't bothered stocking any before because nobody could get us a really good one. This genuine kit, like so much of our gear, and we proudly display its NATO Stock Number.

Comes with its own OD cover

NSN 5120-99-132-1540

Rated: 5 / 5
Based on 2 reviews
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David Jones  /  Wales

Perfectly weighted

The weight of this shovel is perfect.

Similar cheap shovels that are probably half the weight of this will simply not perform as well as this.

The weight you get with this means that you will get the task at hand completed in much less time than inferior cheaper designs.

Very well made and very sturdy when locked in position.

Similar designs to this are simply to thin to perform correctly.

I would always prefer to carry a little more weight knowing that I have a piece of kit that has less chance of failing compared to cheaper made variants.

clive_from_windsor  /  UK

Beefy shovel, well designed, won't blow away

Got this shovel from TBS years ago. It's very well made and is very robust. It feels like it should last a lifetime - and then some. Downside is that it's not super light. But I'd rather have something weighty that will not fail.