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nDur Watchband Compass - GSA Compliant

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The nDur watchband compass is an excellent little compass for attaching to your watch strap. An ideal alternative to the budget varieties.

It is 1" diameter and liquid filled. It is water resistant and will fit most watch bands.

It is small and lightweight and is an ideal accesory for your watchband, rucksack strap or bum bag as weighs only 0.2 oz.

It is a quality items and is GSA and TAA compliant (which essntially means it can be issued to US  troops)

Rated: 5 / 5
Based on 2 reviews
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Leigh M Ratcliffe  /  Maidenhead

Best reasonably priced watchband compass on the market.

I've been using watchband compasses for something over 30 years. The good, the bad & awful, so I have developed a few opinions on the subject as I've gone alone.

So, on a scale of 1 to 10 I'd rate this around an 8. A Sunnto Clipper being a 10 & a £1.99 cheapo being a two. On a good day with no bubbles it.

Ok, so it's well made, cardinal points are luminous, easy to read. Finds Magnetic North quickly & easily. Settles quickly & doesn't hunt. Accurate (yes I checked). I'd say you would be very hard pressed to find better at this price.

Not a primary navigation tool (The Store does several excellent compasses for that) but good for cross checks & emergency use.

Peter  /  Denmark

I have previously owned other types of compasses. One of them didn’t work at all and the other only worked poorly. This compass here works perfectly and adjusts quickly and efficient towards north whenever its held level. It’s an awesome gadget for the natural born survivor!