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Paracord Skull Bead Ranger Beads / Pace Counter - Natural Beads

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These skull bead ranger beads are a great aid for navigation, there is not a lot that is more accurate than simply pacing out distance when walking. If you know how many steps you take for 100 metres over different terrain then this is a great way of keeping track.

Many will say “I just use my GPS”, well they don’t work in dense woodland and they can run out of batteries!

For pace measurement the best thing to do is measure out 100m on flat and even terrain (if you can use a local running track even better), then walk normally for that 100m and count every double pace – you should average 60 - 70 double paces (120-140 paces depending on how long your legs are!).

When you have this figure you have a start point and you can experiment on different types of terrain, steep inclines or declines, rough boggy terrain, shale and scree and so on, simply make a note of these figures and you will never have a more accurate system for measuring distance.

I have been using this system for years and so have the US Rangers (hence the name) and it has never failed, it is invaluable when the weather closes in and used in conjunction with a good compass will serve you for years.

Available with white or glow in the dark beads in Store, and the cord used is our de-cored GSA compliant 550 paracord.

Alternatively if you don’t want them for navigation this is a great way of getting 9 skull beads for knife lanyards.

White/natural skull beads on Green Cord

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