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Peltonen M07 Ranger Puukko - Cerakote Finish

Peltonen M07 Ranger Puukko -  Cerakote Finish
Peltonen M07 Ranger Puukko -  Cerakote Finish
Peltonen M07 Ranger Puukko -  Cerakote Finish
Peltonen M07 Ranger Puukko -  Cerakote Finish
Peltonen M07 Ranger Puukko -  Cerakote Finish
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The Peltonen M07 Ranger Puukko Knife is a fantastic design combined with Finnish build quality. It is a superb all rounder and I know you will be super happy with the ergonomics and performance.

A good knife should be safe to use. It fits into the hand nicely and with a firm grip. The blade biting efficiently into the material being worked on. The finishing touch of a good knife is, of course, a proper sheath; one that can hold the knife in its place, yet still providing the user with an easy way of pulling the knife out when needed.

M07 Ranger Puukko (fin. Sissipuukko M07) provides all of these things. It is a steadfast tool fit for the needs of bushcrafters, hunters and survivalists - all those who move in nature.

The M07 Ranger Puukko has been made with care and its materials have been chosen with precision, considering the needs of the widest possible user base.

The Blade

The blade of the M07 model is 11.9 centimeters long. It is sharp, retains its edge for a long time and when needed, is easy to sharpen.

Normally carbon steel is prone to corrosion and will rust easily without proper care. In the case of the M07 Ranger Puukko the properties of carbon steel, such as corrosion resistance, have been improved with different types of coatings.

It features a tough, yet resilient blade. The grind of the blade fits highly versatile use cases which makes the M07 Ranger Puukko a tool that works in any situation. Leave the larger pieces of firewood for an ax. This knife is at its best when used on smaller pieces of wood. It can hold its own while cutting through bushes, for example.

Blade coating

The standard blade has PTFE coating. PTFE is commonly known by the trade name Teflon. Teflon protects carbon steel from corrosion and reduces friction, leaving less dirt stuck onto the blade. The coating also passes the standards of food safety certification. This trait is appreciated by all users handling edible materials with their knife, such as game and fish.

The Handle

The ergonomic handle of the M07 Ranger Puukko has been implemented so that it retains its functionality independent of the circumstances. With its texture, grip and pleasant feel, this handle stays in the hand safely, even with wet fingers. It will not feel cold in chilly weather, either.

TPV (thermoplastic vulcanizate) does not absorb moisture, and neither is it susceptible to chemicals, let alone changes in temperature. The material's endurance in the face of dents and abrasion is nearly endless.

The Sheath

Among its definite trump cards, M07 Ranger Puukko comes with its innovative EasyLock sheath solution. The knife sits steadily in its sheath, but when needed, it is easy to pull the knife out single-handedly. The belt loop of the sheath, coated with Velcro, is compatible with MOLLE and PALS systems, which opens up plenty of options when it comes to carrying the knife. You can carry the M07 Ranger Puukko on the belt, on the vest or on the straps of a backpack. The sheath allows horizontal and upside down carry.

A composite sheath is made out of composite plastic, which will not be spoiled by moisture and is ambidextrous straight out of the box.

A leather sheath offers a traditional option. It has a separate option for left-handed users. We also offer a version with a Finnish flair, decorated with the lion-themed coat of arms of Finland.

A kydex sheath doesn't have the EasyLock mechanism that the composite and leather versions include. In the Kydex sheath, the M95 Ranger Puukko still stays firmly in place and is easy to take out for use when needed. The durable, waterproof sheath can be placed on the user's belt and is a good fit for both right-handed and left-handed users.


  • Blade: 80CrV2 Carbon Steel, length 11.9 cm
  • Handle: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Weight: 180 g
  • Length: 25 cm
  • Made in Finland
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