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Petromax Fire Kettle

Petromax Fire Kettle
Petromax Fire Kettle
Petromax Fire Kettle
Petromax Fire Kettle
Petromax Fire Kettle
The Petromax Fire Kettle is a perfect way to boil and sterilise water in a matter of minutes simply using twigs, pine cones or other combustible material that comes to hand.

The branches, bark and pine cones burn and crackle in the fire bowl, the heat of the fire goes up through the inside of the kettle and brings the water, that is inside the wall of the Fire Kettle, rapidly to the boil. As soon as the water boils, the steam whistle starts whistling as the Petromax models have a whistling top.

The Petromax Fire Kettle also comes with three feet, unlike many others, so that the Fire Kettle is raised up off the ground and leaves no traces of the fire behind and is steady whatever the surface. This is also a great feature to help prevent ground fires.

Pushing the fire bowl upside down in the kettle makes the Fire Kettle particularly space-saving and easy to transport and is available with a transport bag for clean and easy carry.


fk1 fk2
Capacity 0.5 Litre 1.2 Litre
Height 38 cm (14.9 in) 45.5 cm (17.9 in)
Width 12 cm (4.7 in) 16 cm (6.3 in)
Weight 0.615 kg (1.36 lbs) 1.03 kg (2.27 lbs)
Material Aluminium Aluminium
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John Grice  /  Colchester

There are many types of this product on the market, the Kelly Kettle, the Ghillie Kettle, the M Kettle etc and they all do the same thing ie, boil water.

The reason I chose the Petromax FK1 over its slightly cheaper rivals is that it has a couple of unique features.

The most obvious are the legs on the fire bowl, which prevents scorching and ground burn. I’ve used this kettle on various surfaces without any problems.

The second feature is the fold out handles which make lifting the kettle so easy, though I suggest folding them out before the kettle gets to hot.

The whistling cap works well but does not seal the spout, so carrying the kettle full of water doesn't work without some thought. I have done so simply by putting some duck tape over the spout and wrapping it round the kettle but that is not really a regular solution.

This kettle also works if you put a small alcohol stove in the fire bowl instead of a wood fire, though the boil time is extended. With a good wood fire I expect a boil time of about 5 minutes, with an alcohol burner that time is probably doubled.