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Prandi Piemonte Axe - 800g

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Prandi Axes are not only great quality they are extremely good working tools. The Piemonte models are a very traditional Italian style and I am a fan. They combine great quality workmanship with practical design to make and excellent working tool. My thought with Prandi Axes is that it was best to stick with the idea that if we were to stock an Italian maker then we should stock an Italian style and I very glad we have. 

These axes are very reminiscent of your typical trade axes Europeans would have taken to the Americas and are an extremely useful set of tools

If, like me, you are decidedly un-impressed with the sheer cost of Swedish Axes now you may want to look elsewhere and this is where you should be looking. With Countries like Germany and Italy producing equal or even better quality products there is no need to pay twice the price?

Prandi make some truly excellent products and I am really impressed. I am especially impressed with their "Piemonte" style axes and it is no wonder that this rugged and Alpine region of Italy produces such tried and tested, hard working tools.

  • 800g Head 
  • 24" (60cm) handle
  • Leather Head Protector
Rated: 4 / 5
Based on 1 review
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David Burns  /  Durham

Great value and almost perfect

I bought the 800 gram version of this axe. For the price it's excellent.The perfect length handle and weight for a bushcraft style axe. It needs a little final finishing on the edge but remember this is less than £40. My only gripe is I bought this becuase of the ease of the tomahawk head for handle removal.The handle on mine is a lovely fit,but it's been glued in.

I've tried using acetone and heat to break the bond but this handle won;t budge.Ah well it's a minor hassle and if the handle breaks I'll replace it with a true friction fit handle.

I can't vouch for the edge longevity as I haven't given it enough of a test. Heat treat seems fine though . All in all great value.It would excel for limbing and general cutting.The bits a little flat to make for a great splitter though.