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Savotta Jääkäri Medium backpack

Savotta Jääkäri Medium backpack
Savotta Jääkäri Medium backpack
Savotta Jääkäri Medium backpack
Savotta Jääkäri Medium backpack
Savotta Jääkäri Medium backpack
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The Jääkäri series of packs have been extremely well thought out and you can see why they have become a popular product. They combine great design, brilliant quality materials and European manufacturing to produce a highly useful range of backpacks. 

The Jääkäri M (a.k.a. Jääkäri-backpack) is an improved model of the Light Border Patrol backpack originally designed for the Finnish Border Guard. Genuine user experiences have been taken into account in the design of the backpack and the best of the many ideas have been sewn together to make the Jääkäri M. The Jääkäri M is more than a normal daypack. The many details and extensive MOLLE webbing make the backpack a truly modular and versatile tool. Due to its slim shape, the backpack will not be in the way even in cramped spaces and is ideal for skiing and hunting. In its size category, the Jääkäri M is a sturdy backpack to carry. The internal support frame holds the Jääkäri M firmly in shape. With the compression straps of the bag, even a pack that is not full can be tightened so that it sits firmly and does not jiggle around.


The actual bag of the Jääkäri M (dimensions approximately 52 x 25 x 17 cm) has been designed to be slim but still spacious enough to hold the necessary supplies for a day trip. The opening of the bag is closed with a drawstring and secured with a waterproof protective collar which enables overpacking as well. The opening is covered with a flap which hugs the top of the backpack and is secured with straps. The flap has been attached with adjustable straps from both sides, so it “floats” and enables easy overpacking. If necessary, the generous length of the straps provides a lot of space under the flap for extra supplies, such as a sleeping bag. Furthermore, there is a spacious zippered pocket for valuables inside the flap (dimensions approximately 25 x 25 cm).

The contents of the backpack can be accessed quickly also from its right side through a vertical zipper that runs along the full height of the backpack. The zipper has two pullers so it can be opened from your preferred spot.

Against the back inside the bag, there is a compartment the size of the whole back for the support frame of the backpack. The compartment is also ideal as an additional pocket to carry flat items.

Inside the bag, there is a mesh pocket (dimensions approx. 23 x 37 cm) for a hydration bladder or supplies that need to be kept separate. This pocket will easily hold, for example, a contemporary 13.3-inch laptop or any smaller pads and gadgets.

On each side of the bag protected under a flap there are outlets for the tubes of a hydration bladder or, for example, a cord or aerial.

With the four compression straps on the sides of the backpack, the bag can be tightened compactly even if it is not full.

Low on the sides there are open pockets with elasticised openings where you can place small supplies or, alternatively, a long tool or a water bottle, the neck of which can be tied firmly in place with a side compression strap.

The bottoms of these pockets also have metal rings to remove water from the pocket.

The attachment straps of the flap are long and run along the whole front of the backpack and under it. If necessary, a 25 mm strap dives nicely along the MOLLE webbing and can be lifted to the surface wherever desired. This enables the tying of supplies securely on the front of the backpack without additional detachable straps. The bottom of the backpack has four guide loops for straps which enable the tying of equipment to the bottom of the backpack as well. Tying to the bottom is an excellent carrying method for rolled sleeping mats, for example.

On the front side of the Jääkäri M at the bottom of the bag you can find attachment loops (2 pcs) for the transport of loose equipment. The loops have been sized to be long enough to suit the carrying of exceptionally long pieces of equipment so that the shaft fits into the loop, if necessary.

It is also possible to fasten items that would not otherwise fit in the backpack behind the side compression straps of the bag. The compression straps have been sized to be long enough to extend over the backpack all the way to the opposite attachment point, if necessary.

Carrying system

The anatomically shaped, sturdy shoulder straps and the low-profile but robust hip belt make for supported and comfortable carrying. The buckle of the hip belt can be tightened in both directions and there is a lot room for adjustment to suit users of many sizes. The buckled chest strap provides extra comfort and support for carrying. With the carrying handle on the top, the backpack can be carried easily by hand as well.

The back has been reinforced with a highly durable frame made of ethylene plastic sheet. Because of this lightweight frame, the backpack stays upright and is comfortable to carry even with a load that is a bit heavier. The support frame can also be removed from the backpack, if desired. As an optional extra, a more rigid version of the frame is available for the Jääkäri M in which two vertical aluminium rods have been attached to ethylene sheet with rivets to stiffen it. A Jääkäri M equipped with the extra frame is already a small ergonomic rucksack.

The generously sized and sturdy padding pillows against the back are a rarity in a backpack of this size category and make the Jääkäri M a surprisingly comfortable small backpack to carry. If desired, the pillow against the small of your back can be removed or, alternatively, the hip belt can be folded out of the way behind the pillow.

Technical specifications

  • External dimensions: height 52 cm, width 25 cm, depth 17 cm.

  • Backpack capacity is approximately 30 l, Bag capacity when the backpack is closed: approximately 22 l.capacity with protective pouch: approx. +6 l.
  • Overpacking Capacity of the flap pocket for valuables: approx. 2 l
  • Weight: approximately 1.75 kg.
  • Foxdura, M05: 1000D Codura, Black: 1000D Cordura special plastic buckles and 8 mm coil zippers, Olive green: 1000D DelrinMaterials:
  • Frame: Ethylene plastic sheet.
Rated: 5 / 5
Based on 2 reviews
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Adrian Healy  /  Ireland

High end construction; great design.

Instant in-the-hand appreciation; this is a well constructed piece of gear; it definitely has the feel of 'quality'.

If I was to be a nit picker I would state that this product is manufactured in Slovakia; If possible personally I would like to try and support EU/UK manufacture.

I was charged an extra sixty euro for the luxury of import to Ireland; this is a post brexit kick-in-the-arse for consumers; I note I would have no extra import charge had I purchased from the Chinese via Mr. Bezos.

I will state though that the rucksack is a piece of kit I will look forward to using. It has taken the best of mil-spec design brief; and managed to evade the more cold utilitarianism of that design brief and instead have created a product that has been made with some 'passion' for gear, some degree of pride in design, craftsmanship and construction.

Bring on World War Three where the weapons are psychological and the enemy is Global.

R Wemyss  /  Edinburgh

What a great backpack

This backpack is superb! The material is robust and well built. The straps at the bottom can be loosen to allow a blanket to be attached. And the main hood can also be extended to allow further storage. The only downside I can see it the weight of it. However it is indestructible and the belt helps so much to move the weight to your hips.

10/10 would recommend