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Special Edition

This Special Edition Boar is a doozy! The Boar is already a fantastic knife and is our best seller but we wanted to do something extra special with this model. 

I am a big fan of Bohlers N690co knife steel as it holds and edge for a phenomenal amount of time, tough, corrosion resistant. I think everyone believes that you need to have a Carbon Steel bushcraft knife but it simply isn't the case. Stainless Steels have become so good these days that they have easily surpassed Carbon Steel in performance and with less maintenance involved they make the perfect all round knife.

We have handled the Special Edition with stabilised woods from Raffir in Denmark. They really do make the best product on the market today and, having seen their test results and had a knife handled with their material for years now, the bold claim is 100% true.

The vast majority of companies use vacuum chambers but Raffir use pressure chambers. In testing, using a vacuum chamber, they took 1kg of wood, add resin and create the vacuum. The result is 1.3kg of product meaning they get 300g of resin into the block. Raffir's pressure method takes the same 1kg block of wood in the pressure vessel, add resin and pressurise. Because you can get much higher pressures using this method, when you remove 1kg block of wood, that block now weighs around 1.75kg! 

What does this mean, well, more than double the resin means more than double the stability, double the weatherproofing, double the hardness and making a the whole product last sooo much longer than anything else out there.

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