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Survival Retreats Book by David Black

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Survival Retreats is a book that explores the ideas of having a bolt hole and how to stock it and protect yourselves when chaos reigns. Whether we like it or not modern Western society is not a perfect idyll and we are not very far from complete breakdown. The riots (if that's what you want to call them) in the UK in 2011 were a perfect example of how the lawless simply do as they like when the refused to be Policed. 

We are not talking about full scale armed conflict, this is a basic idea of what one can do to not be one of those people that are fighting over food at the local supermarket because of shortages. Remember in cases of something simple like a flu epidemic and half the country is off work for a week, who delivers the bread and milk to the super market, drives the fuel to the local petrol station or turns up to work to man the local power station?

Human nature shows that people panic and immediately descend on their local services and buy what they can. I prefer to not be one of them and not rely on Local Government to know what's best for me, so whther you go for a full blown survival retreat or simply make a few preparations for when the lights go out this is a book that will be very informative.
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