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TBS 550 Paracord FIRECORD Survival Bracelet - Ferro Rod Toggle Variant

This FIRECORD Bracelet is yet another a step up from a plain bracelet in that you are carrying one of the most important survival tools with you - the ability to start fire. In my opinion 3 of the most invaluable pieces of kit you can carry all the time is a knife, a Ferro rod and some cordage. This bracelet provides 2 of those items in one package.

In this the case the cordage 
element has got even better as the paracord in this bracelet is FIRECORD. This is genuine US made 550 Paracord with an additional internal tracer line that is made from LiveFire firelighting tinder.

It is made from around 16 feet of, US made 7 strand Firecord that has a 550lb (250kg) breaking strain. The toggle is made from a high grade ferrocium rod that gives a shower of 3000 degree C sparks making it an invaluable survival tool.

To make a spark the simplest way is to hold the firesteel by the paracord in one hand and firmly scrape down the length of the Ferro rod into a tinder bundle and, although it is not foolproof, it is certainly easier and quicker than trying to make a friction fire. 

This is a perfect everyday carry item that not only looks great you will always have 16 feet of quality paracord with you, Live Fire firelighting tinder and a piece of firesteel making it a super useful piece of kit.

Although you may get a spark with the washer attached it is extremely difficult and is not something we advise. It is quite fiddly and restrictive and it is far easier and more effective to use a dedicated scraper or the back of your knife.

They are available in many different colours and we find that one size fits most. If you have a particularly small wrist you may want to make your own so we have all the
components available in Store.
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