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TBS 750ml Stainless Steel Billy Can Cup with Bail Handle, Lid and Stove Unit

TBS 750ml Stainless Steel Billy Can Cup with Bail Handle, Lid and Stove Unit
TBS 750ml Stainless Steel Billy Can Cup with Bail Handle, Lid and Stove Unit
TBS 750ml Stainless Steel Billy Can Cup with Bail Handle, Lid and Stove Unit
TBS 750ml Stainless Steel Billy Can Cup with Bail Handle, Lid and Stove Unit
TBS 750ml Stainless Steel Billy Can Cup with Bail Handle, Lid and Stove Unit
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The TBS 750ml pot with a bail handle is truly an excellent piece of kit and we have combined it with a stainless steel stove stand to make an excellent package. It has so much going for it and has been really well thought out for the outdoor enthusiast to not only be a brilliant stand alone product it works well with other high quality products on the market today. TBS Gear is simply better then the competition, don't believe me? Check out the YouTube video below.

It is made from super strong 304 gauge Stainless Steel and has a well fitting lid that not only reduces boil time it stops anything falling in. It also has regular handles to be used as a mug/canteen cup and has a removable bail handle which is not only great for collecting water it is ideal for hanging over an open fire.

There is also highly useful volume graduations up the inside of the cup which are stamped into the steel rather than etched in. Stamping is a far better process to do this as, over time, etched variants will wear off rendering them useless. 

This product will also fit on the base of a TBS 1 Litre Stainless Steel Bottle which is available as an option to select. The TBS Billy Can Cup is just cut above other products on the market as it has better and more inclusive features. Other products may be a little cheaper but that is simply because they are not made to the same specifications and have as many features.

The stove stand is ideal for cooking by simply lighting a fire underneath or combining it with a trangia type alcohol burner. The stove unit simply slips onto the base of the cup for easy transport or storage.

  • Material - Stainless Steel
  • Weight - 220g
  • Capacity - 25.4oz (750ml)
  • Dimensions - 3.8" (95mm) (D) x 4.4" (110mm) (H)
  • Bottle/Billy Stove stand 
  • Option to add a bottle
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L.R.  /  Glasgow


I never normally write online reviews, but I am today because more people should leave reviews for TBS’s own brand gear - these guys clearly have the knowledge and experience to know what a difference each little feature can make. A really well designed piece of kit - nothing added that’s not needed, but it’s the attention to the little details - from the stamped measurements to the shape of the handle on the cup - that make this such a good product, and the price is really competitive too. I’ll definitely be getting more of TBS’s kit, but if (like me) you spent a few months weighing up whether to buy one or not, I’d say go for it and you’ll be really impressed.

Rovin  /  Berkshire

Impressive bit of kit.

Extremely happy with the pot and stove unit. As soon as I unboxed it, I could feel the sturdiness of both items. Made of a decent guage of stainless and very well conceived. Even the bail arm shouts "sturdy". I would never have imagined myself writing a gushing review of pot/cup, but hey...

Highly recommended kit. 10/10

John Parsons  /  Birmingham

Built to last. Quality has been designed into this product

Excellent companion to a Nalgene 1LTR bottle. Fits well together as a compact cook system. Well thought out design features include, stamped measurements on pot, comfortable grip handles, draining holes in lid. Robust build and materials

Lawrence Martin  /  Kent.

Great combo

I already owned a TBS bail handle 750ml cup/billy and have a couple of trangia burners collected along the way, but wanted to create a neat package for very small day packs when canoeing etc. First I had bought a cheapo stainless meths burner wind break/stove, from 'the internet' which was similar to the TBS, but after only one burn, it fractured in two places during cool down. (It got recycled immediately!)I went back and bought the TBS version which is far better constructed from thicker stainless and works brilliantly. The extra cup means I can keep one in each kit without endlessly faffing about changing gear around. Very happy with this item which is well built and very versatile.