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TBS 750ml Titanium Billy Can Cup with Bail Handle & Lid

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The TBS 750ml Billy Can Cup with a bail handle is truly an excellent piece of kit. It has so much going for it and has been really well thought out for the outdoor enthusiast to not only be a brilliant stand alone product it works well with other high quality products on the market today.

It is made from super light and super strong titanium and has a well fitting lid that not only reduces boil time it stops anything falling in. It also has regular handles to be used as a mug/canteen cup and has a bail handle which is not only great for collecting water it is ideal for hanging over an open fire.

This product will also fit on the base of a 40oz Klean Kanteen water bottle, GSI Bottles and regular Nalgene type bottle which offers excellent space saving in your pack.

  • Material - Titanium
  • Weight - 4.7oz (133g)
  • Capacity - 25.4oz (750ml)
  • Dimensions - 3.8" (95mm) (D) x 4.4" (110mm) (H)
TBS Outdoor
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Andrew Cheshire  /  Hertfordshire

Touch of luxury in your backpack

I really struggled to decide whether to buy the titanium pot or the steel pot. In the end I went for titanium because it is strong and lightweight. When I opened the box I got a good sense of quality and used it straight away with the wood burner stove to make a brew. The water was boiled in a couple of minutes using the titanium pot. In contrast, I have a Zebra billy can and that thing takes ages to boil water over coals / fire.

The bail handle on the titanium pot is nice and stiff so it won't smack you in the face if you sip from the cup. Not that you should sip from a metal cup that was just on the fire or stove. The handles are also of good construction and make it easy to hold when full.

The lid fits well and has some air holes to let the steam get out. It fits nicely on the cup. Secure enough not to come off and loose enough to be lifted easily without too much pressure, thus reducing risk of spilled water. The lid has a small handle that stays upright when in use and folds for transit in the little mesh bag that comes in the box. The lid can be lifted with a stick.

I will mostly be using this to make brews and to purify water. You can only fit a very small amount of food or water in the pot. It doesn't feel like it would take one of those boil-in-the-bag trail meals. If they did a 1 litre version it would be good enough for tea or food without any trouble. And a 1.5 to 2 litre version would support 2 people on a hike.




Allows water to boil quickly

Can hang from a tripod or set on a stove

Packs neatly into a side pouch

Really good design

Engraved graticules



Too small for food

Realistically only boils enough for 1 mug of tea / coffee