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TBS Alcohol/Meths Burner Cross Members

TBS Alcohol/Meths Burner Cross Members
TBS Alcohol/Meths Burner Cross Members
TBS Alcohol/Meths Burner Cross Members
TBS Alcohol/Meths Burner Cross Members
TBS Alcohol/Meths Burner Cross Members
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This is just a great idea to add to any cook kit as they are small, lightweight and will fit just about any Trangia type Alcohol Meths Burner on the market and, better still, they won't break the bank!

They simply fit on the top of a burner unit to make it into an instant, very handy cooker. You can also add the TBS Trangia type meths Burner unit to make a super handy compact cook kit.

The TBS Trangia type meths/alcohol burner is a great value piece of kit. 

It makes a great addition to any Hobo Stove and can be used in all sorts of applications. They are a very handy and versatile piece of kit as they are so efficient.

Simply fill the central well with meths (Denatured Alcohol) and it soaks into the wadding that is walled in the metal sides. Then just light it and the flame appears at the top ring of holes making it a really efficient use of fuel that burns pretty cleanly. 

You can probably find one cheaper elsewhere but I very much doubt it will be the same quality and have the same features. The TBS model is excellent quality and features an extra "Simmer" Cap which allows you control the flame strength.

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Leigh M Ratcliffe  /  London.

How come no one else thought of this?

Seriously? If you ain't got one, get one. Works exactly as advertised.

Quick tip: Get a tin of Dole tropical fruits or any other 3" x 2" , cut the top, eat contents and use that as a wind shield for your triangia. The cross members nestle on it very nicely. Also makes for a somewhat more stable base.

Dom  /  London

Wow what a great little burner. Just like the old style Trangia ones. The crossmembers are great precision cut pieces held together for travel by a small steel locking cord. The burner along with cross members fit perfectly into my Pathfinder cookset windshield, bonus,allowing me to add another fuel option to use with it. The burner is well made and does the job intended. Fantastic!