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TBS Boar Bushcraft Knife - Military Model - Firesteel Edition

TBS Boar Bushcraft Knife - MILITARY MODEL

The TBS Boar is simply a great knife and is difficult to improve on but, after 9 months of hard work, we believe we have made the ultimate, toughest, hardest wearing and durable Boar yet. 

This model has come about as we sent models of our knives to members of the British Military Survival Training team for their honest opinion and after putting them through their paces they came back with some feedback. Essentially we were very happy to hear that there wasn't a lot to do as they were very happy with the overall design, cutting ability and comfort in use. They did say that their preference would be for them to be made in Stainless Steel, have a stable hard handle and have a synthetic sheath option.

Well, we listened, and now we have what we are calling the Military Model.......

We have chosen to make the Military Model only in Bohlers phenomenal N690 Stainless Knife Steel. N690 is a Martensitic chromium steel with cobalt, molybdenum and vanadium added especially to make hardened cutting tools with excellent edge-holding properties. It was developed for tools and components which can be hardened to very high hardness levels and great corrosion resistance. When fine ground it produces a wickedly sharp edge and will retain that edge far longer than many other steels available on the market today. 

The 110mm drop point blade has a proper full, ground to zero, Scandi Grind which is not only easy to maintain it is incredibly sharp straight out of the box. It makes for exceptional cutting ability and edge retention and I am certain you will be impressed. 

The 120mm handle is made from a super hard Canvas Micarta which is really durable, stable and essentially maintenance free. It is, course, shaped to be wonderfully ergonomic just like all TBS Knives. If you want a knife that can be "Rode all day and put away wet" then the Military Model is for you!!      

There are 2 sheath options available for this knife, the TBS Multi Carry Sheath and the TBS Nordic Sheath. TBS Leather sheaths have been incredibly popular and for good reason. We only use a quality full grain leather (which not everyone does) and this increases the strength and durability of our products. It does make them slightly more expensive but the trade off in longevity far out weighs any false economy of cost saving. 

We have twinned this Military Model with your choice of TBS Firesteels to make a truly versatile and useful package for the field. All in all this is a equates to an uber premium product that I know you will be using for many years to come.

Main Features:
Typical Steel Analysis:N690 Stainless Steel - Carbon 1.08%, Molybdenum 1.10%, Chromium 17.30%, Silicon 0.40%, Manganese 0.40%, Vanadium 0.10%, Cobalt 1.5%. (HRC 60)
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TBS Knives
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Based on 23 reviews
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Wes  /  Cornwall
Perfect tool for the Bushcraft community. Beautiful workmanship which balances so well in the hand. It feels right and oozes quality at the same time. Well done TBS.
Mark Spooner  /  Oxford
Excellent store, highly recommend. We don't have the luxury of Bush craft Stores like this in Oxford. Was recommended a TBS Boar knife and very pleased with it. I went down to get a Mora Bushcraft Black and then was allowed to handle the various knives and settled on the TBS Boar. Will be going back again soon for sure.
Matthew D  /  Staffs
Really nice knife. I'm surprised there isn't more reviews or talk about them online. Mine came with a lovely curly birch handle. All beautifully finished. Razor sharp out the box (and im fussy about sharpness). Sheath is nice and unusual, but I can see why some prefer a more traditional style and/or dangler. Its a substantial knife with a true scandi (many factory made scandi's actually have a secondary micro bevel this one is true scandi) Balance point is a hair behind centre of the first rivet. Grind angle is a nice ratio, strength v sharpness. Seems to be a good steel so far, time will tell. For the price I would really recommend them as great bang for buck. Certainly with the dollar exchange rate there is little to compete with it from the US market. You really need to spend at least £200 to get anything better I would say.
Trevor Carpenter  /  London
I am yet to use in the field so this review is on its initial looks and view. I am so pleased with my purchase, it looks just what I expected, and feels so good. It has a good weight, and when holding it in you hand just makes you want to be out there in the wild. A great bit of kit, worth every penny, that I am sure will be next to my side for many years to come.