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TBS Boar Folding Pocket Knife - Stag Antler - Perfect Every Day Carry Knife - MkII

TBS Boar Folding Pocket Knife.

The Boar Folding Pocket Knife - There was such a natural progression for us by making a folding knife and we think we have done an excellent job with the Boar. It has some great qualities and is a perfect carry for anyone that wants a high quality, every day carry, pocket knife 

When it came to the non-locking pocket knife version of the Boar we decided to offer it in N695 Stainless Steel as, quite simply, it requires less maintenance. This is important for a knife that will be in your pocket the vast majority of the time picking up all sorts "pocket fluff" and salt from perspiration. We also, quite deliberately, did not put a thumb stud (or similar) on the EDC as this makes it a much more user friendly product in many more Countries of the World where, to carry a knife all the time, it needs to be a product that needs to be opened two handed. Obviously this makes it a much more useful knife for travel but in all cases you should check local laws and by-laws prior to visiting or purchasing in your chosen country.

There is now a wider choice in the handle material between a Super Grade Curly Birch, Turkish Walnut, Natural Micarta, Stag Antler or Canvas Micarta. All the materials have their obvious qualities and are all easy to maintain and look great.

The blade has a full "Scandi" grind to it that is wickedly sharp straight out of the box. There are big benefits to having a proper Scandi grind to a knife and these are mainly to do with edge maintenance. A Scandi grind essentially means that the whole bevel of the knife is the edge (there is no secondary bevel) so when it comes to sharpening life is made very simple. When sharpening you can simply place the entire knife on the stone, roll it up onto the bevel and you will always achieve the correct angle for sharpening; MUCH easier than a knife with a secondary bevel! 

It is handled with Stag Antler which is a great material for the task as it not only looks great it is VERY easy to maintain as they pretty impervious to most things. Being Stag Antler these versions are not as sculptured as the wood or micarta models but make this a really classy gentleman's pocket folder

This is a perfect "EDC" pocket knife as it has a 70mm non locking blade but has all the features of its bigger brothers. Lanyard not included.

High Grade Bohler N695 Stainless steel which has a high hardness and great wear resistance and is one of Bohlers premium stainless steels. We have decided to make the EDC knife in this steel as, after quite some testing, we have found that it performs extremely well.  It has a higher Carbon content that many other stainless steels which means it holds an edge longer and can be tempered to the same degree as Carbon Steels. This particular steel actually has a higher content than many High Carbon Tool Steels. This makes it perform with pretty much all the benefits of Carbon Steel with the added bonus of great corrosion resistance.

The belt pouch that is an option on this model now is our own design and is impeccably made from high grade leather and is thicker and more robust than before. It is a full cover type belt pouch and is designed to hold the knife with or without the press stud. This is a design feature to ensure that you do not lose your knife on the move and, as such, each pouch will be very close fitting. The pouch will "break in" and soften over time like any good pair of boots and we find that the attachment of a lanyard to the lanyard hole of the handle is a good addition to aid in removing the knife from the pouch. 

Our knife range is manufactured from high quality European materials by a top, well known, European manufacturer in small batches; they are NOT churned out in their thousands in a factory in the Far East. This allows us to have ultimate control over quality and materials and we are extremely happy with the results. All models of knife will be logoed with the Boars Head.

Main Features:
​Typical Steel Analysis:
N695 Stainless Steel - Carbon 1.05%, Molybdenum 0.50%, Chromium 17.00%, Silicon 0.40%, Manganese 0.40%. (HRC 58)

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Wayne Skelton Hough  /  UK

What a fantastic shop. So much cool stuff, love the TBS Boar folding knife I bought today.

Elsie Martin  /  UK

Hi all, A little review of the TBS boar non locking folding knife. (EDC) I wanted a new pocket knife within the guidelines of uk law, to carry the majority of the time. After much deliberation I finally decided on the TBS Boar. (I do feel a little guilty for not using one of the independent knife makers recommended to me.) I ordered the knife on Monday afternoon from TBS and it was promptly delivered to my door on Tuesday afternoon. I wasn't charged any p&p. RESULT, next day delivery at no extra charge. My first impressions of the tool were that the handle is slightly smaller than expected. Not quite as comfortable in the hand as i was hoping. That said, I'm kind of glad as it is a very convenient size for my jeans pocket, and after all that is where it will be mostly living. So, after initially not being to sure about the size, i took a real good look at the knife. WOW. The turkish walnut is beautiful. The build quality is superb, a big grin soon emerged on my face. I have been using this knife for only two late shifts at work and not at all out and about. Yet I am compelled to write this review. It has managed every job with ease and it feels like a real treat to get it out of my pocket. overall I am very happy.

Anna  /  Hertfordshire

The Bushcraft Store is undoubtedly one of the best outdoor stores I have shopped from. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and their products are second to none. TBS branded products are fantastic, well made and well researched, with a fair price tag. I have no hesitation in recommending them as I know that this store, staff and it’s speak for theirselves.

Ashley  /  UK

Great service, quick delivery and awesome products. The folding tbs boar is a great edc knife. There's not a lot it can't be used for. It has a excellent blade and holds a good edge. It will split any logs it can span just the same as a much bigger knife. I've used the knife quite a lot now and the blade is still stiff to open and close and has no side movement. Very happy