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TBS Collapsible Tripod - High quality anodised Aluminium

The TBS Tripod is yet another step up with the quality. I know there are 20 similar looking products on the market at the moment and some are admittedly cheaper but it is like comparing a Lada to a Rolls Royce! They are both cars but that is where the similarity ends, they are just not the same quality as the TBS Tripod and they normally only have 2 sections per leg where as ours has 4. This gives you more versatility as you can still use the 3 section for a lower setup but when you need more height simply add the next section.

The TBS Tripod is wonderfully engineered and screws together very nicely. It is also made from a higher grade Anodised Aluminium when many others on the market are simply regular aluminium. This does make it a little bit heavier but we think the trade off is well worth it as it is negligible and it will definitely last a lot longer as the screw joints are simply harder and will experience a lot less wear and tear as, being anodised, it is simply much harder. 

The centre section incorporates the chain and hook system which is highly adjustable so you can cook at all sorts of different heights. 

  • Material - Anodised Aluminium
  • Weight - 560g
  • 12 x Leg sections at a length of 29cm (12") 
  • Height when assembled - 108cm (48.5cm)
  • Chain Length - 48cm (19")
TBS Outdoor
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Pete  /  England
Another great product from TBS well worth the money,Easy to put together and light weight pack down small so will go into any rucksack very easy.Also the ability to adjust the chain lengh is also a great Idea