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TBS Deluxe Fatboy Firesteel - Quite simply one of the best on the market!

TBS Deluxe Fatboy Firesteel - Quite simply one of the best on the market!
TBS Deluxe Fatboy Firesteel - Quite simply one of the best on the market!
TBS Deluxe Fatboy Firesteel - Quite simply one of the best on the market!
TBS Deluxe Fatboy Firesteel - Quite simply one of the best on the market!
TBS Deluxe Fatboy Firesteel - Quite simply one of the best on the market!
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The TBS Deluxe Fatboy Firesteel is, quite simply, a brilliant product. I know there about a thousand different types on the market today but I honestly believe that you cannot get more bang for your buck than our Firesteels. The Deluxe Fatboy Firesteel is another step up in quality and functionality as it features an aluminium handle with a removeable (and of course, replaceable) Fatboy firesteel rod. (12.5mm in diameter)

The aluminium handle is hollow and allows for storage of a piece of TBS Quick Fire Tinder (or any other tinder you choose to use) making more of a firelighting kit than just a firesteel. It also features a TBS Striker which is attached with a piece of 550 Utility Paracord.

The attachment cord features some excellent inner cords. There are the 7 normal inner strands you would find in any 550 cord but there is also:

  • A red cord that is an excellent waterproof firelighting tinder.
  • A yellow, thinner PE line that is perfect for emergency fishing line.
  • A tan waxed cotton line which is a great piece of cordage but is perfect for repairing your kit. 

Using the dedicated striker gives off a massive shower of white hot sparks thanks to the addition of just little more of the combustible metals to our rods. I know a lot of people like to use the back of their knife but you really can't get better than a dedicated striker and this one just works. Also no one seems to ask the question "What if you loose your knife or don't have it with you, how do you then strike your firesteel....?" Of course, with a dedicated striker you never have that issue.

Oh, and before we get accused (again) of just copying someone else's product, this was designed and prototyped 3 months before the "other" product hit the market so unless I had a crystal ball there was no way of knowing someone else was developing something similar. The other product also doesn't feature a dedicated striker or the super useful utility cord. Please also be assured that this is not just a cheap knock off of something else, we have, like all of our other products, cut out the 10 middlemen taking their slice and gone direct to the manufacturer making this Firesteel unbelievable value.


  • 12.5mm Diameter (1/2")
  • 80mm Length Ferro Rod with 70mm exposed
  • 55mm Length Handle
  • 135mm Total Length
  • Dedicated Striker
  • Utility Cord
  • Quick Fire Tinder included

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Lee Lucas  /  Central London

Works first time

The TBS fat boy firesteel deserves to be No 1 in its field, used it the day it arrived and worked first time, gave it to a group of young cadets 7-10 and it worked every strike on to char cloth so they could get a flame going. Makes getting an ember going so easy, would highly recommend it.

Doc  /  Somerset

Awesome kit!

Throws a massive shower of sparks which light tinder very well. The attached striker is vicious if you use the area with teeth.

It will last infer if you use the plain edge.

Having aside that I doubt it will run out anytime soon, in fact I’ll probably pass this on to the generation after the generation after the generation before it wears out!

Andrew Finn  /  Wakefield West Yorkshire

White hot sparks ,tbs fatboy deluxe firesteel

Wow I have 1 firesteel I wanted a back up I chose the fatboy Deluxe my god what a firesteel I'm used to bright orange sparks so that is what I was expecting what I got is White hot sparks unbelievable every strike White hot sparks had to try on tinder its a game changer I tried to limit the sparks to see if I could light the tinder with very little spark no problem at all don't know the temperature of the White hot sparks but everything the sparks touch lights I use woman's makeup cotton round removel pads soaked in candle wax and as a back up cottonwool soaked with vasaline Bog standard kit very efficient and with the fatboy no problem at all

HOWEVER I CANNOT USE THE PROVIDED STRIKER it could be just my inexperience I find it very hard to produce a spark must be my inexperience I use The Spine of my no6 opinel knive wow u should see the shower of sparks thinking of trying it with my mora and tbs grizzly

The fatboy DELUXE definitely worth the buy going to buy a second as back up

I do think the fatboy is slightly soft I have slightly flattened the rod not a problem the fatboy is so thick it will last a very long time we'll it will for me .


Stephen McCann  /  Derry

Fatboy Firesteel

Cracking product & first rate service.