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TBS Fox Folding Lock Knife - Turkish Walnut

TBS Fox Folding Lock Knife - Turkish Walnut
TBS Fox Folding Lock Knife - Turkish Walnut
TBS Fox Folding Lock Knife - Turkish Walnut
TBS Fox Folding Lock Knife - Turkish Walnut
TBS Fox Folding Lock Knife - Turkish Walnut
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The TBS Fox Folding Knife is a really clean and simple design and we are super happy with its all round look, function, construction and performance.

I actually had the Fox prototyped 6 months before it went into production and we had planned on releasing it in a few months but, I just kept going back to it. Rather absent mindedly when going into the great outdoors,  I found I always seemed to have my Fox with me. If that isn't a sign that we should put it into full production sooner then what is?

We have always striven to offer you a choice with our products and the Fox is just that. It offers a great alternative to our bigger folding locking knives and sits very nicely between the EDC's like the Boar and the Wildcat, and the slightly larger folders like the Sabretooth.

We have chosen to make the Fox only in Bohlers phenomenal N690co Stainless Knife Steel. N690co is a Martensitic chromium steel with cobalt, molybdenum and vanadium added especially to make hardened cutting tools with excellent edge-holding properties. It was developed for tools and components which can be hardened to very high hardness levels and great corrosion resistance. When fine ground it produces a wickedly sharp edge and will retain that edge far longer than many other steels available on the market today. 

The very clean shaped handles on the Fox feature Super Grade Curly Birch, Black Micarta or Turkish Walnut. These materials are not only durable they look great and are super easy to maintain as you simply need to clean them and oil the wood. Of course, the more oil you apply to any wood the more weather resistant it becomes. 

Main Features: Typical Steel Analysis:
N690 Stainless Steel - Carbon 1.08%, Molybdenum 1.10%, Chromium 17.30%, Silicon 0.40%, Manganese 0.40%, Vanadium 0.10%, Cobalt 1.5%. (HRC 60)


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Julian Alcock  /  Kent

Solid, smart, beautiful - it's a Fox!

This is a lovely knife. I've a few TBS knives and I love them all. This one I got in flat grind as most of mine are scandi. It's really well made, very sharp out the box but I know the blade steel will hone even better. Handle beautiful, very smooth, mines taking in its 3rd coat of oil as I type this. One of, if not my favourite knife, pity it's not EDC because it would be mine if it met our UK rules. If you're in doubt - buy it, fit and finish great, great steel. I wish they'd stop bringing new knives out, its costing me a fortune!

Ian Swallow  /  York

Beautifully crafted

What a beautiful and well crafted knife /sheaf/firesteel. The knife is shave sharp straight out of the box, the only thing I'm going to do is shape the firesteels handle. Thanks again to the bushcraft team.

Aurelio  /  South East

Spot on folder

You buy a folding bushcraft knife for carrying convenience, whether it’s chucked in a bag or stuffed in a pocket. This knife hits the spot exactly. I’d prefer a lock back mechanism, but that is a preference, the fit and finish is very nice (mine is walnut), the size well judged, and this is a step up from the folding Boar I bought my son a few years ago.

David Moore  /  South Coast

Sheer quality

The quality of this knife is outstanding. Not only does it look and feel good, it is a very capable lock knife. The blade is a decent thickness and wickedly sharp. I think you could baton with it!! It does have some very nice design features, the red scales look superb against the dark walnut, the blade release is mounted in a finger groove, and the handle is the right size and gives confidence when using. I bought the the scandi grind but I am seriously thinking of ordering the flat grind as well. Is this my ultimate pocket knife? I think it might well be!! If it were legal this would be in my pocket full time without question.

I carry a TBS Wildcat which is another superb knife but you always have to think about it folding up on you.