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TBS Grizzly Bushcraft Survival Knife - DC4 & Firesteel Edition - Curly Birch

TBS Grizzly Bushcraft Survival Knife - DC4 & Firesteel Edition - Curly Birch
TBS Grizzly Bushcraft Survival Knife - DC4 & Firesteel Edition - Curly Birch
TBS Grizzly Bushcraft Survival Knife - DC4 & Firesteel Edition - Curly Birch
TBS Grizzly Bushcraft Survival Knife - DC4 & Firesteel Edition - Curly Birch
TBS Grizzly Bushcraft Survival Knife - DC4 & Firesteel Edition - Curly Birch
The TBS Grizzly Bushcraft Survival Knife has been through a very minor re-design and evolved as the Mark II.

The Grizzly has always been a great knife and was always very popular and with the new features we are sure you will love it as we have moved it on a step further. We are not one to ignore our customers and we have listened to the requests and put them into the new Grizzly.

It is now available in 2 different handle varieties, Curly Birch and Turkish Walnut and we have also modified the Boar sheath to make a full leather variant for the Grizzly. This new sheath will also take the accessory pouches, as featured in the Boar and Lynx, to make it a truly versatile knife. This version, for example, comes with the leather front pouch which contains a Fallkniven DC4 Sharpening stone and a TBS Firesteel.

The TBS range of knives are made from top quality European materials and are built to last. The Grizzly is no exception as it is made from 6mm thick, K720 High Carbon Tool Steel and handled with Curly Birch or Turkish Walnut.

High quality K720 High Carbon Tool steel is one of the toughest steels out there and is used widely to make high precision tools that need to stand up to some serious punishment. This makes it ideal for this type of knife. We have deliberately selected very high quality steel for our knives, it may make them more expensive but it is something we weren't prepared to compromise with.

The blade is 5" (125mm) long with a wickedly sharp Scandi Grind. It is 6mm thick making it super tough and has a cutout depression on the spine which is perfect for striking your firesteel. On test this knife performed faultlessly, cutting, chopping, feathering and eating up any task it was set to. After testing it was still shave sharp.

The handle is 4 7/8" (120mm) long and is wonderfully sculptured and ergonomic. This is unlike so many knives where the makers insist on slab sided scales which unfortunately makes them rather uncomfortable to use for prolonged periods of time - NOT The Grizzly.

The Sharpening Stone
There is now a choice of sharpening stone available the DC4 whetstone which consists of a fine diamond stone (25 micron) and a very special ceramic stone, made of synthetic sapphires. The CC4 is the same except it replaces the diamond element with a super fine ceramic honing surface 

The advantage of these materials, although they get worn, will still keep their flat shape this is important when you sharpen your knife. And, since these materials are the hardest we know of, they will sharpen any steel, even these extremely hard powder steels.

The Firesteel
The firesteel in this model is our own TBS ferrocium rod Firesteel which is the "Fatboy" model (12.5mm thick)
that gives a shower of sparks at over 3000c (5400f). It makes firelighting SO much easier and will give you thousands of strikes. It also comes with its own, very useful striker which has a useful roamer measuring scale and a bottle opener.

Main Features:
  • K720 High Carbon Tool Steel - 6mm thick
  • 5" (125mm) Length Scandi Ground Blade
  • Firesteel striker cutout
  • 4 7/8" (120mm) Length Handle
  • Typical Steel Analysis - Carbon 0.90%, Manganese 2.00%, Chromium 0.35%, Silicon 0.25%, Vanadium 0.10%.
  • HRC 58
  • Super Grade, sculptured, Finnish Curly Birch.
  • TBS Firesteel (Included)
  • Fallkniven DC4 or CC4 Sharpening Stone (Included)
  • Lifetime Guarantee against any defect in manufacturing, material and workmanship.

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William Brecheen  /  Italy


The quality and workmanship on both this knife and the sheath (including the wooden scales, full tang which aligns seamlessly with the scales, brass grommets in the THICK leather sheath) is absolutely the highest available on the market. Other companies would charge twice the price for the attention to detail alone. It comes wickedly sharp, and cuts through wood like a hot knife through butter. Well done TBS. WELL DONE.

Erick Gordon  /  Scotland

Two of my favorite knives are my ESEE 5 and Fallkniven A1. On reading the specifications of TBS Grizzly Bushcraft Survival Knife, I had to own it. My first impressions were favorable indeed. Well constructed, sharp, balance and top end weight ideal for chopping. Although I purchased the kydex sheath separately I made a custom sheath using an ESEE 5 sheath as my starting build. I have since put this knife through it paces in the forests surrounding the Monadhliath Mountains in Scotland. It cuts, chops, skins and fillets without labour. I love it. I cannot fault this knife and would happily take it in to any situation where a reliable knife is required.

Martin Booker  /  Rotherham


Fantastic knife shaving sharp straight out of the box, used on a recent 10 day camp for most tasks including taking out the bulk for a spoon carve, batoning and also feathering without any great effort all in all a great tool that i would now not be without

Matt DC  /  West Sussex

Awesome Knife, fantastic job guys! Just received this knife and I have to say I'm extremely impressed. The knife itself is fantastic, love the Grizzly design, out of the box it is ridiculously sharp, the edge retention is great, it has a good weight and feel, it's a beast of a knife. The micarta scales are very comfortable and just have a nice feel aswell as looking the part. The sheath I opted for was the Firesteel/DC4 combo and it is fantastic, lovely leatherwork, brilliant design and build. It is very comfortable on the hip whichever way you prefer and just looks and feels great. The matching Firesteel is superb, same lovely micarta design, comes with a dedicated striker and produces a good shower of hot sparks, definitely try to avoid from using the back of the blade unless you have to. The DC4 is just an all round great stone for in the field and it sharpens the blade superbly, and it is especially easy considering the scandi grind. Overall a fantastic bit of kit, I'm extremely happy with it. I had looked into this knife for quite some time before purchasing and I have to say I'm so glad I did. If you're thinking about buying this knife and have the money to do so, just take the plunge, you won't regret it. Amazing service from the folks at TBS!