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TBS Lynx Bushcraft Neck Knife - Curly Birch - Multi Carry Sheath

TBS Lynx Bushcraft Neck Knife - Curly Birch - Multi Carry Sheath
TBS Lynx Bushcraft Neck Knife - Curly Birch - Multi Carry Sheath
TBS Lynx Bushcraft Neck Knife - Curly Birch - Multi Carry Sheath
TBS Lynx Bushcraft Neck Knife - Curly Birch - Multi Carry Sheath
TBS Lynx Bushcraft Neck Knife - Curly Birch - Multi Carry Sheath
TBS Lynx is a really useful sized knife and is just the ticket for a great little all rounder. It is smaller than the Fixed blade Boar but is still big enough to cope with pretty much any task you put it to and still fits the hand very nicely.

The Lynx has come about as we have had so many great compliments about the TBS Boar EDC folding pocket knife. Quite a common comment was "The EDC is a brilliant folding knife, have you ever thought of making a fixed blade the same sort of size?" Well I had a sit down and, low and behold, the Lynx was born.

There is an saying that makes complete sense when it comes to size - "You can catch a big fish with a small hook but you can't catch a small fish with a big hook".

It is basically in between the size of the Boar EDC and the Boar Fixed Blade and is 7.2" (180mm) overall with a 3.5" (85mm) blade that is 3mm thick, Scandi Ground and RAZOR sharp. I have chosen to offer this knife in different handle variants as, to be completely honest, all the variants have become really firm favourites as they just perform REALLY well in the field. 

High Grade Bohler N695 Stainless steel which has a high hardness and great wear resistance and is one of Bohlers premium stainless steels. We have decided to make a variant of our knives in this steel as, after quite some testing, we have found that it performs extremely well.  
It has a higher Carbon content that many other stainless steels which means it holds an edge longer and can be tempered to the same degree as Carbon Steels. This particular steel actually has a higher content than many High Carbon Tool Steels. This makes it perform with pretty much all the benefits of Carbon Steel with the added bonus of great corrosion resistance.

The handles are, of course, wonderfully ergonomic like all of our knife models, and have a palm swell that really helps you maintain a firm grip. We have chosen to handle the Lynx in a choice of some of the most user friendly materials out there - Curly Birch, Micarta, Turkish Walnut & Olive Wood. All have their merits and it was very difficult to choose between them so we thought why not have them all?

The sheath is a high quality leather product that allow you to carry the knife in the regular way or offers the versatility of being able to be carried a linear fashion along a belt or to be attached to the strap of a bag or even on MOLLE type webbing if need be. The additional straps also allow a very handy option of being to add a variety of pouches to the front to allow you to carry a firesteel, survival kit or any other product that you use regularly in the field.

The Lynx, of course, follows the same theme as other TBS Knives by being made from High Grade Steels, top quality handle materials, great leatherwork and being all European in the materials and construction. No dubious Far Eastern materials just good, tried and tested quality materials and manufacture. TBS Knives have been very well received and are now being used daily in many Countries around the World. I have now seen independent reviews in languages I don't even recognise and there seems to be a very common theme - people love 'em!
Main Features:
  • N695 Stainless Steel - 3mm Thick
  • 3.5" (85mm) length blade
  • 3.8" (95mm) length handle
  • Blade thickness - 3mm
  • Super Grade Curly Birch
  • Multi purpose, high quality leather sheath 
  • Lifetime Guarantee against any defect in manufacturing, material and workmanship.
  • More information on materials and construction (click here)
Typical Steel Analysis:
N695 Stainless Steel - Carbon 1.05%, Molybdenum 0.50%, Chromium 17.00%, Silicon 0.40%, Manganese 0.40%. (HRC 58)

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Rated: 5 / 5
Based on 4 reviews
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Phil F  /  Devon

It only took just a few seconds after receipt of my non locking Boar knife from the TBS range to appreciate its outstanding qualities, namely the 3 'f's' - form, fit and function. Also needing something safer for field use, I did look at the locking alternative. However, this I thought was too much knke so looked then at the Lynx Neck. This falls between the two Boar knives mentioned with regard to size and suits my needs perfectly. Once again, the quality is superb. Just don't be fooled by its price when considering the fact that it also comes with its sheath. The simplicity of its fixed blade design keeps the price down and the quality - again for all 3 'fs' - at the same outstanding level as its smaller EDC boar folder. Thoroughly recommended

Duncan Macnaughtan  /  Tullibody

Customer Service:

When I initially enquired about the Lynx I requested a comparison photo showing the Lynx next to a MoraHD so that I could get an idea of scale and also had a couple of questions. TBS replied very promptly with the photos and answers. When I ordered the knife it arrived the next day as promised.

Knife Design:

I've personally found that 'typical' bushcraft/camping knives (100-125mm blade) are a bit too big for my needs and I also find them lacking slightly in controllability where as 'neck knives' (50-70mm blade), are a bit too small for some tasks. So the Lynx being 85mm was perfect for me. The blade is 3mm thick which is thick enough for tougher tasks but thin enough for the more delicate ones as well. I don't like a blade to be too thick as I find it hampers tasks like feathering and slicing. It's a deeper blade than I'm used to (27mm at deepest point) but I have to say I'm liking that as I've found it gives me more control (don't know why! :-) ). The scandi grind is ever so slightly steeper than on a mora but that should add to it's strength. The handle is smaller than I’ve been used too but that’s not a bad thing as I’ve found other handles (MoraHD for example) to be way too chunky. My hand is 80mm across the knuckles and 90mm across the palm and it fits pretty much exactly and it's very comfortable.

Knife Construction:

I went for the N695 version with curly birch scales and the materials and construction of the knife seem really solid. It came razor sharp. I like the use of the silver coloured scale pins and lanyard tube rather than brass, looks much better.

Knife Finish:

Overall the finish is very good. Where the scales meet metal it's extremely smooth and even. The grind is well milled and the spine is a sharp 90deg (no probs striking a fire steel even in the N695 version). There were 2 very minor things though; one of the scales is fractionally longer than the other at the blade end (probably less than 1mm); and there was a bit of excess resin/glue in the lanyard hole. As I said these are minor things, I was able to clean out the glue no bother and slight difference in scale size is testament to the fact that some (if not all) of the construction and finishing is done by hand so one might expect little things like this.

Sheath Design:

I found the design of this sheath to be innovative and practical and it looks great too.

Sheath Construction:

The leather is good quality and sturdy and all the little rivets, stitching and the main popper/snap button are good too. Not sure about using velcro for fastening the attachment straps, I can see why they've done it so that they can be easily removed (which couldn't happen if the used popper/snap buttons) but I think they will end up getting full of little bits grass and twigs and other stuff.

Sheath Finish:

Over all the finish is very good. Only little thing is the strip of leather that sits in between the stitching it bit untidy in parts. Again, I'd expect minor imperfections on things made by hand.


Customer Service 5/5

Knife Design 5/5

Knife Construction 5/5

Knife Finish 4.5/5

Sheath Design 5/5

Sheath Construction 4.5/5

Sheath Finish 4.5/5



I would highly recommend this knife, I think it's great. For me I think it's as close to 5/5 as I could get without spending hundreds and hundreds of pounds on a custom build which, lets face it, would be an extravagance and surplus to my requirements. The Lynx will do me just fine :-).

Thanks very much TBS

Wavy Davy  /  Cornwall

I got this knife in the stainless steel and I love it! Went through sycamore like warm butter. On the first day, I carved till my arms ached and it was still just as sharp. I don't carve so often recently but I didn't get blisters. After a week, I only have one callous at the base of my little finger so it's a comfy handle. My hand is 90mm wide at the widest and I can compress my fingers into the recessed part for a really firm grip or hold more loosely for light and easy work. I got a bit of wood and whittled it to the shape and size before I bought the knife so I knew it would be ok - I would proably do this for any knife I bought online as I don't have the experience to know from looking whether I will like it. After a week I managed to take enough of the edge off to use my DC3 to sharpen it. It took less than 5 minutes to put a razor back on it which was brilliant because I was a bit worried about whether the stainless would be difficult to sharpen but it isn't. I'm not an expert sharpener either - I was just careful. So I'm very happy I can keep it sharp. AND - it has a cool cat on it too! :D Sadly - although some things are easier (like feathering sticks etc) my skill in carving has not magically rocketed through the canopy. But, I do love using my knew knife. Thanks so much!

Mr Tamer El-Gaaly  /  Chichester

Very sharp. Very strong. Handle could be bigger.