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TBS Lynx Bushtool - Firesteel Edition - The Ultimate Bushcraft Survival Knife!

TBS Lynx Bushtool - Firesteel Edition - The Ultimate Bushcraft Survival Knife!
TBS Lynx Bushtool - Firesteel Edition - The Ultimate Bushcraft Survival Knife!
TBS Lynx Bushtool - Firesteel Edition - The Ultimate Bushcraft Survival Knife!
TBS Lynx Bushtool - Firesteel Edition - The Ultimate Bushcraft Survival Knife!
TBS Lynx Bushtool - Firesteel Edition - The Ultimate Bushcraft Survival Knife!
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No compromise........that was the brief. The NEW Lynx Bushtool is a no compromise Bushcraft Survival knife that differs slightly from the Boar and Grizzly Bushtools simply because we have chosen a Scandi Grind with no traction coating. This has leaned more towards a more traditional Bushcraft Knife but is still a knife that needs almost no maintenance. 

This takes a TBS Knife to another level with a UNBELIEVABLY sharp Scandi Grind which is extremely durable which is made possible with Cryo Quenching. This process involves cooling the steel down to around -185oc using liquid Nitrogen which, to put it quite simply, improves the performance of the steel. It will make it harder with a finer edge that holds longer and works especially well on this stainless steel.

Now, this doesn't mean that a TBS knife that isn't Cryo Quenched does not perform, it does and will continue to do so, it's just that the Bushtools take this performance to another level.

We have, again, gone for N690co Stainless Steel for the Lynx Bushtool as Steels with a higher Chromium content lend themselves especially well to Cryo Quenching and it is just a great low maintenance steel for such a tool. The blade is 100mm (4") in length and 4mm (1/8") thick at the spine. The wickedly sharp scandi grind is easy to maintain on a fine stone and features a cutout on the spine especially for striking a firesteel.

For the handle we have chosen to use Canvas Micarta. The reason was simple, it performs in all conditions extremely well, it is low maintenance and extremely durable and stable. It is nice and grippy as we have not polished it too much and it features some great looking red liners.

There are a range of sheaths available for this model and we have started with our multi carry leather sheath as it has always proved extremely popular over the years. This sheath is modular and you can add different pouches to the front to carry different accessories. It can be carried in a vertical or horizontal fashion depending on your desire. This model features a front loop which we have added and included a TBS Deluxe Firesteel.

The Deluxe Fatboy Firesteel is another step up in quality and functionality as it features an aluminium handle with a removeable (and of course, replaceable) Fatboy firesteel rod. (12.5mm in diameter)

The aluminium handle is hollow and allows for storage of a piece of TBS Quick Fire Tinder (or any other tinder you choose to use) making more of a firelighting kit than just a firesteel. It also features a TBS Striker which is attached with a piece of 550 Utility Paracord.

The attachment cord features some excellent inner cords. There are the 7 normal inner strands you would find in any 550 cord but there is also:

  • A red cord that is an excellent waterproof firelighting tinder.
  • A yellow, thinner PE line that is perfect for emergency fishing line.
  • A tan waxed cotton line which is a great piece of cordage but is perfect for repairing your kit. 

With the Bushtools I wanted to create a series of knives that would consistently perform above and beyond, whatever the conditions, be as maintenance free as possible and would keep on trucking when others fall by the wayside. They do not detract from any of our other tools they are just on another level. 

All in all I am certain you will love these tools as much as I do as they simply perform all the bushcraft and camp tasks you will it for.

Main Features:

  • Cryo Quenched N690co Stainless Steel - 4mm Thick
  • 100mm (4")  length blade
  • 115mm (4.5") length handle
  • 215mm (8.5") Overall
  • Firesteel cutout on the spine of the blade 
  • Canvas Micarta Handle with thong tube and Red Liners
  • Multi Carry Leather Sheath 
  • TBS Deluxe Firesteel
  • Lifetime Guarantee against any defect in manufacturing, material and workmanship.
  • More information on materials and construction (click here)

Typical Steel Analysis:
N690co Stainless Steel - Carbon 1.08%, Molybdenum 1.10%, Chromium 17.30%, Silicon 0.40%, Manganese 0.40%, Vanadium 0.10%, Cobalt 1.5%. (HRC 60)

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