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TBS Phoenix Wood Burning Stove - An excellent quality Wood Gas stove.

TBS Phoenix Wood Burning Stove - An excellent quality Wood Gas stove.
TBS Phoenix Wood Burning Stove - An excellent quality Wood Gas stove.
TBS Phoenix Wood Burning Stove - An excellent quality Wood Gas stove.
TBS Phoenix Wood Burning Stove - An excellent quality Wood Gas stove.
TBS Phoenix Wood Burning Stove - An excellent quality Wood Gas stove.
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The TBS Outdoor Phoenix Stove has taken a while to get right and we are very happy with the results. We haven't over complicated things and have just developed a product that has as few working parts as possible and made it out of great quality materials.

There is obviously no need to carry fuel with our stove as you can all sorts of solid fuels that sit nicely in their own combustion chamber that is easy to fill when you have a pot or canteen on top as it has a large feed hole.

The Phoenix also has the added bonus of being a "Wood Gas" stove; this effect is caused as, when you burn wood, it gives of a combination of gases, including hydrogen and methane, that are flammable. Not all of these gases are burnt in the initial combustion and would normally just escape into the air but if you have a stove that has the correct airflow and a set of secondary holes further up the combustion chamber this gas re-enters the area and catches to not only burn cleaner it makes the fuel you are using that bit more efficient.

I know you will probably see similar products around but the TBS product is unique in its development and is also designed to work with some of our other TBS products and other companies to nest and create a whole kit. All in all we believe we have got a real winner on our hands that will not break the bank.
  • Weight - 300g
  • Dimensions set up are 21cm (8.5") x 11cm (4.5") x 11cm (4.5")
  • Dimensions Packed are 11cm (4.5") x 11cm(4.5")  x 11cm (4.5")
  • High Grade stainless steel
  • Includes 4 cross members for additional pot stability
  • Our stove packs down nicely and works with our other products to make a nice cook set allowing you to save weight and space. 
**The Zebra Billy Cans that are supplied with the Phoenix Stove already have the upgraded metal clips fitted.

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Andrew Cheshire  /  Hertfordshire

Great Stove - Air Transportable - Pack Light

I really like this stove. It is simple to use, lightweight and you don't need to carry a gas canister with you so you could use it for trips abroad without having to lose your fuel at airport security.

Being a solid fuel burner, it takes a little bit longer to get started than a gas burner. All you need is tinder and some little sticks to make a brew or cook up a small meal in a mess tin. Once it gets going it heats 500ml of water in just a couple of minutes. Roughly the same amount of time as a good gas burner (not counting time getting it started).

You can add fuel through the port at the front or remove your pot and drop in from the top. I let it burn down to embers then got it started again by adding 3 or 4 sticks and it lit up very quickly so that I could boil more water.

Things to consider when using:


Light weight


Fits in a utility pouch or side pouch of a backpack (check your measurements)

Heats water quickly

Airport friendly

Don't need to carry gas

Cools quickly

Great for making brews and meals for 1

Uses less fuel than open fire - more sustainable


The 4-piece grill is a bit fiddly and can fall through the gaps in the pots when packing away and you pretty much need to put the grill on top whilst getting a scorching hot fire going. Solved by wearing leather rigger gloves. Or you could use a tripod and dangle your pot by the bail handle.

Your pots will get black with carbon soot and it takes a while to clean.

Useless without sticks. Solved by foraging sticks from a woods. Or bring your own sticks.

Go on. Treat yourself. It works out cheaper than a gas burner because your fuel is free ;-)

John Spooner  /  Midlands

Easy to use and light weight

An efficient design, this stove is easy to assemble, the pot supports have two options but are very light weight. Lighting is not as easy as it could be because the fire is below the feeding opening so it needs practice. When lit it burns well and is easy to refill with small sticks although it does need frequent feeding. There is no ash pan so the stove needs to be placed on a heat resistant surface. Overall the Salamander is a neat design and better than a lot of small folding stoves, it fits easily in a small billy can.