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TBS Pocket Bellows

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I know, why do I need this...? Well I was sceptical at fist until I used one. Getting oxygen to the heart of a fire is one of the best ways of getting it going, without petrol of course!!

I thought it was just a gimmick to begin with as the best bellows are your lungs but have you ever put a huge amount of effort into fire lighting only to then put your hot, sweaty face practically into the ember? You know it, a lung full of smoke causing a wracking cough distracting you from your task and maybe even for good measure you put the ember out with your own perspiration!!!

The fire bellows extends to extends to about 50cm (20") and essentially gives you a metal straw that allow you to compress and focus oxygen where you really need it. Adding oxygen to an ember or dying fire is key to get it going making the fire bellows an invaluable asset.

It collapses to less than 10cm (4") and weighs less than 20g so it really is an ideal addition to any firelighting kit. It also comes in its storage tube.
TBS Fire
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Anton Eady  /  Yorkshire

Great for coaxing a fire when you get too old for kneeling

For the last few years, due to arthritic knees, I’ve used a length of tent pole, which is effective, but a little cumbersome to transport.

These pocket bellows allow the same effect in something that easily fits in a pocket.

I know people have dismissed the idea as gimmicky and unnecessary, but these people definitely don’t have mobility issues.

A simple, effective tool.

Maarten  /  Netherlands

Does what it needs to do

There cannot really go wrong with this can it? Just good what it does.