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TBS Raptor Guthook

TBS Raptor Guthook
TBS Raptor Guthook
TBS Raptor Guthook
TBS Raptor Guthook
TBS Raptor Guthook
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The TBS Raptor came about from the need to process meat as efficiently as possible. Of course there are many different Guthooks on the market but I wanted to create a product that would pair up with a TBS Wolverine, a TBS Boar or a TBS Lynx that would combine the brilliant ergonomics of these knives with the easy cutting ability.

The Raptor is a very specialist tool and many hunters will simply fob off such tools as surplus to requirements, that attitude prevails right up to the point they actually use a specialist belly opener. Many a time I have heard "I don't need one of those just put your finger over the point of your blade and cut from the inside". Well if your knife ever stops suddenly as you have hit the rib cage and stuck the point through your finger you may change your tune!

To use you simply make a small incision on the Sternum and insert the Raptors cutting edge and pull down. It is literally like undoing a zip on a jacket and there is very little, if any, chance of piercing any internal organs as the sharpened blade is only ever coming into contact with the skin. If you have ever pierced the stomach or an internal organ of an animal and had to right the carcass off because of contamination then you need a Raptor.

It is made, of course, from N695 Stainless Steel as it not only holds an edge extremely well and is razor sharp it perfect for hunting purposes as there is no corrosion and the steel can be disinfected very easily. N695 Stainless steel, which has a high hardness and great wear resistance, is one of Bohlers premium stainless steels.  It has a higher Carbon content that many other stainless steels which means it holds an edge longer and can be tempered to the same degree as Carbon Steels. This particular steel actually has a higher Carbon content than many High Carbon Tool Steels. This makes it perform with pretty much all the benefits of Carbon Steel with the added bonus of great corrosion resistance.

Main Features:
​Nominal Steel Analysis:
N695 Stainless Steel - Carbon 1.05%, Molybdenum 0.50%, Chromium 17.00%, Silicon 0.40%, Manganese 0.40%. (HRC 58)

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