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The Brown Filter Bag - The Millbank Bag is Back

The "Brown" Millbank Bag is an excellent place to start when purifying water. It acts as a pre-filter to remove particulate matter from water.

The more detritus water has in it the harder it is to purify so you can put the prescribed amount of puritabs into muddy, dirty water but it still won't make it safe. Essentially the more matter there is in the water the more surface area the "Nasties" have to bond to. The cleaner you can get that water prior to sterilisation the better it is for you and this even goes for boiling to.

If you favour using a pump filter then filtering out of a muddy puddle simply clogs up pump filters and makes them far less effective, this is why a millbank bag has been so important in the past.

These bags are made from fabric woven to exactly the same spec as the MOD canvas, by the original fabric company; producing a new filter bag that performs as well as the original. The advantage of the new bags is that the canvas is a more subtle brown colour and also the canvas meets the current MOD specification with regards to toxic treatments and coatings. The earlier Millbank bags had a Cuprammonium (CA) chemical treatment that is not used on the new canvas as it may be hazardous. The end result is a proven, high quality product.

The large bag will pre-filter about a Jerry can of water (20ltrs) and the regular size is perfect for individuals or small groups doing around 4-5 litres at a time. 
100% UK made
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