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Wazoo Survival Gear - Lumberjack Survival Kit Bracelet

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Wazoo Survival Gear is simply brilliant. Their Survival Bracelets far surpass any other product on the market today and they manage to cram so much into such a small package. 

Admittedly there are other products on the market with gear stored inside or with a different type of buckle and are cheaper but the common theme with them is that they are simply not made to the same standard and certainly not made from the same grade of materials.

If you are venturing into the Great Outdoors you should carry some survival gear and when you do you want the best product not the one made by the cheapest bidder. When has anyone chosen "Cheap and Cheerful" when it comes to Parachutes or Heart Surgery?......well, admittedly we all have in the past simply because there was nothing better, well now there is.

The Lumberjack Survival Bracelet essentially takes the Base Bracelet and adds a highly useful wire saw. This is knotted inside the paracord and you will never notice it is there unless, of course, you untie it for use.  You now have a Firesteel, some cordage, a wire saw, a ranger band, a ceramic striker and a signal mirror which are some pretty important and significant tools to have in the great outdoors. 

It contains:
  • Paracord
  • Wire Saw
  • Firesteel
  • Striker Blade
  • Whistle
  • Ranger Band
  • Mirror
​This model now comes fitted with the Mark II Firestorm Buckle with the built in ceramic striker
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