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Woolpower Ullfrotte Long Johns with fly - 200

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Woolpower make superb quality products in Sweden from super high quality Merino Wool. They manufacture warm woollen undergarments and socks from the yarn to the finished product. When you wear Woolpower clothes, you can be confident that they’ve been made with responsibility towards their surrounding nature and the work environment of the people who work for Woolpower.       

Their choice, to keep all manufacturing in Östersund, reduces the number of links to control in the supply chain. There is also a strong sense of values and significant engagement amongst Woolpower employees. The seamstresses quality mark the garments they sew by stitching their own name tags inside them. This creates a sense of pride and responsibility for everybody and the results show in the garments they produce.

Woolpower 200g Long Johns with Fly in green are made from the unique Ullfrotté circular knit fabric with terry loops providing a Merino base layer with excellent insulating and wicking properties. The advantage of this method of manufacture is that there is no lengthwise seams and this provides optimal comfort and helps prevent any chafing. They also have a fly but don't confuse them to restricting them to the mens market as they are a universal product and
 is in the new Pine Green colour (Pine Green which is very much a military green colour and not the old Green which is rather bright)

I don't know about you but I have had many pairs of Long Johns over the years and these really are the most comfortable pair on the market. The old saying of "You pay for what you get" is 100% correct with Woolpower, not the cheapest but certainly the best...
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Carl  /  Northern Ireland


I've had various pairs of long johns over the years, but these are by far the best. They are comfortable and unrestrictive. I was hesitant about the price of all this Woolpower stuff, but I can say that my expectations of how good they would be have been far surpassed.