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Zebra Billy Can Tin Stainless Steel 14cm - Auto Lock Lid


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The Zebra Stainless Billy Tins are a really great quality product.

They are the favoured pots of a lot of instructors for their strength, longevity and all round usefulness.

They have a notched loop handle for ease of hanging over a fire and this particular modal has a removable auto locking system for the lid so you won't spill anything if you happen to put it down on un-even ground.

Every pot also has a removable tray/plate inside that can be used in situ to steam food or can be removed and used as a plate.

Used all over the World the Zebra Company have been making top quality Stainless Steel products for years

The advantage of Steel over Aluminium is that Ally tends to lose its shape after a while the Steel variants just last a lot longer. 

An excellent addition to any camp kitchen. This Zebra Pot now has the option of upgrading the lid clips from the standard plastic clips to a pair of metal variants so that if you are cooking over an open fire or solid fuel stove you do not melt the plastic clips.

Size - 14cm

Size      10cm    12cm    14cm    16cm
Capacity Ltr     0.75     1.25       2       3
Pints      1.65     2.75      4.4     6.6

All capacities are approximate.

Rated: 5 / 5
Based on 4 reviews
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John Grice  /  Colchester

Multifunction pot

I bought this pot, with metal clip upgrade, mainly as a bucket. Finding water sources is fairly easy but sometimes getting to them is difficult, dangerous or just plain messy. I needed something that I could tie a line to and lower or throw into a water source and retrieve easily. Went for the 12cm size as this fits into my pouches easily and the metal clips as these lock the handle in the up position which is useful in all uses. In addition I’ve gained a cooking pot and plate/bowl. Good build quality which should last me years.

Ian Coverdale  /  Stockton on Tees

Fantastic, I ordered it with the metal clips and wouldn't go back the lock the handle in position and makes it easier for pouring and also keeps the plate and lid in place during transit, the billy can does what it says on the tin, I can boil a 1 1/2 litres of water on my trangia and honey stove in about 8min

Bogdan Dumitru  /  Romania

Perfect set to take in the bushes ...

Zebra Billy Can is an excellent product to have in your outdoor bag. The metal clips are perfect - if you don't want to wait to be on stock you can manufacture them yourself so you don't have to take off the plastic ones every time you put it on fire.

I also purchased the packet with the TBS Canvas Bag, which is great. Very well made and large enough to fit on top of the Zebra Billy Can a 0.6l kettle (I think a 1,2l one could also fit just fine).

Now about buying and shipping I must say I won't recommend. This is why:

1. Shipping. Please please please use a different carrier - your Royal Mail uses the national postal office in Romania to ship products. That means this won't bring the package to my door because it's too damn heavy (1kg) and I must go the their office to pick it up. Plus, because you didn't put my phone number (I know I gave it to you) they couldn't text me via SMS. I think 15 pounds is enough for shipping with a regular international shipping carrier ...

2. With this damn Brexit I discovered I have to pay additional 10 pounds of VAT and another tax. If you are buying from Romania do it knowing that. Maybe The Bushcraft Store will consider moving some storage facilities in EU so people won't have to pay additional taxes. Til then I won't be buying from UK.

David Elliott  /  Hull

Decent addition to camping kit

It's a solid piece of kit. The upgrade on the clips from plastic to metal give a certain reassurance that you can suspend over a fire and trust that you won't be distracted by the pungent smell of melting plastic. The design is robust and well suited to a number of scenarios with a well-fitting lid and internal dish. The addition of the canvas bag is a definite must to keep the dirty billy-can in if you have no chance to clean.

My only quibble is that I bought the 14cm billy-can and it's somewhat large for my needs. Purely my own mistake and I'll probably purchase the smaller one in due course.

I would also add that The Bushcraft Store's customer service was exceptional; a simple mistake in the order was replied to by email; replacement sent - no muss, no fuss. Exactly what you want on an internet sale but so often don't receive. On this basis alone, I can state I'll be shopping here again